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Indiana Jones and the Golden Fleece is a two-issue comic book written by Pat McGreal and Dave Rawson. It was published by Dark Horse Comics in June and July of 1994. It was later collected in Omnibus: Volume 2 in June, 2008. The following month, Spotlight released the two issues as two individual 24 page hardcovers for libraries[1] [2].

Plot summary[]

Issue 1[]

While advising an American archaeological expedition in Greece, a colonel makes all of the archaeologists abandon their site during a Nazi raid. Jones puts his crew on a landing craft while he goes back to save the Treasure of Atreus from the Nazis, and recovers a knife. Outside the tomb, Jones finds himself surrounded by Nazi soldiers and escapes on a bicycle.

With the help of the pregnant woman, Omphale Kiapos, Jones eludes his pursuers and they go to the docks to escape. A Turkish man wearing a cape attacks Jones and Kiapos shoots the man. More members of the Cult of Hecate steal Jones' knife. Jones steals a German plane and Kiapos flies it. However, Kiapos finds they are losing altitude and flying toward a cliff.

Issue 2[]

Kiapos evades the cliff and lands the plane in Istanbul. She and Jones bring the symbol of their attackers to Daan van Rooijen, who identifies it as the mark of the radical group, the Cult of Hecate, and the Golden Fleece. Daan says the Cult is looking to restore the Fleece using an ancient ritual at Colchis and the Knife of Hecate that Jones currently has. The Emniyet secret police try to steal Daan's document about the Fleece, but they manage to escape.

They pick up Kiapos and go to antiques seller Mehmed Sarper, who still has the Fleece from an auction. Sarper gives Jones and Kiapos paralytic drinks and makes off with the Fleece. When Jones and Kiapos wake up, they find Daan has been strangled. They travel to Colchis where they find the Cult of Hecate reconsecrating the Fleece in the snowy Valley of Hecate. While Jones fights the Cult members, Kiapos starts giving birth and Jones stops to help her. A large snake rises from the ground and Jones holds up the baby to summon Hecate. The goddess destroys her Cult and restores the Fleece into a golden ram, taking it back with her. Omphale decides to name her child Nikos.







  • Cult of Hecate
  • Emniyet

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