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Indiana Jones and the Golden Vampires is a roleplaying supplement published by West End Games in 1995. It provides information on roleplaying in San Francisco.

Publisher's summary[]

Watch the fog roll in over the bay. Take a stroll down busy Market Street. Explore the streets of Chinatown, mingle with the many people on Fisherman's Wharf. See all of the sights that San Francisco has to offer in this book ... but be prepared to experience exciting adventures and solve puzzling mysteries along the way.

Indiana Jones and the Golden Vampires contains useful information for planning adventures in a new location — San Francisco. Not only is there an adventure inside that will introduce both the gamemaster and the players to this exciting city, but there are three more action-packed adventures as well that will provide even more excitement. So, if you're looking for a good place to base a campaign, look no further. San Francisco is your gateway to adventure!


  • Chapter One: San Francisco: Gateway to Adventure
  • Chapter Two: Chinatown
  • Chapter Three: Demons of the Past
  • Chapter Four: To Catch a Tiger
  • Chapter Five: The Crystal Skull
  • Chapter Six: Face of Destruction
  • Player Character Profiles

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