The Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull novel is the adaptation of the fourth Indiana Jones film, written by James Rollins.

In the US, Del Rey released the hardcover edition on May 20, 2008, two days before the film's release. Del Rey's mass market paperback (ISBN: 0345502884) was released on November 25, 2008. In the UK, the novel was published in paperback format (ISBN: 009192667X) by Ebury Press on May 22, 2008. The audiobook version of the novel was released on CD (ISBN: 0739358987) by Random House Audio and was read by L. J. Ganser.

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As with the other three film novelizations, the are a few differences from page to screen when compared to the film.

  • There is an original prologue featuring Francisco de Orellana and his exploits set in 1546.
  • The first chapter concerns Indy and Mac's Mexican dig which is interrupted by the Soviets kidnapping them.
  • There are only three MPs at the entrance to Hangar 51, vs. the film's five. The race against the army sedan and hotrod is told from their point of view.
  • Jimmy Wycroft tries to shoot Antonin Dovchenko and the Soviets with his pistol before being killed.
  • Mac calls Indiana Jones "Indy" instead of "Jonesy".
  • Instead of picking his fedora up by himself, Indy has one of the Soviets do it for him, and the soldier puts it back on Jones' head.
  • When Dovchenko takes out the Maya artifacts which Indy discovered at Mexico, they break after falling to the tarmac so Irina Spalko never crushes them with her feet. Additionally, Indy tries to recover them but a guard prevents him from doing so.
  • During the Hangar 51 sequence, Indy actually sees the Ark of the Covenant but can't stop long enough to really examine it.
  • Irina Spalko actually returns to Russia, where she dissects the alien corpse from Hangar 51 under the watchful eyes of several Soviet politicians.
  • At Arnie's Diner, the Slugger is absent and as such Joe College defends himself after Mutt Williams' sucker punch.
  • When Indy and Mutt are chased by the KGB agents, there is only one sedan versus the movie's two. This is the sedan that smashes into the statue of Marcus Brody.
  • Spalko's driver dies much sooner. He gets eaten by the Siafu while still sitting in the car.
  • Instead of falling into the ants and being eaten, Dovchenko charges at Indy who uses the big Colonel's own momentum to flip him into the ants.
  • Spalko's psychic powers are a more defined. In addition to following the tracking devices left by Mac, she at one point senses that Jones has found Akator.
  • There is more exploration of the Akator temple, including the discovery of giant turbines and, in the treasure room, Indy and the gang find the corpses of past discoverers of Akator, who have all had their eyes burned out mysteriously.
  • The Ugha manage to kill some of Spalko's men before being gunned down with some Ugha managing to escape back into their tunnels.
  • The demise of the remaining Soviets. There are only three versus the movie's four. One is simply pulled into the vortex by his ammo belt; another soldier tries to grab him but is impaled when Spalko's sword flies out of its scabbard and skewers him; the third soldier has his eyes burned out like the corpses and later Spalko herself.
  • Spalko's brain completely crystallizes, and instead of her body exploding, she has an out-of-body experience in which her non-corporeal self precedes her (dead) earthly body into the vortex. Also the skeletons do not unify into one being as in the film.
  • After escaping from Akator, Indy asks Harold Oxley how he got past the guards at Chauchilla Cemetery twice. Oxley simply explains he went in both times during the day while the guards were sleeping.
  • During Marion and Indy's wedding, Indy initiates the kiss rather than Marion.

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