Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Annual 2009 is a hardcover book published in 2008 by Pedigree Books in the United Kingdom. While mostly focusing on the fourth movie, the book retells the stories of all four theatrical films, and includes activities and puzzles based on the movies.

It was also sold bundled with the Indiana Jones Winter Activity Annual.


Behind the scenesEdit

The annual contains an abridged timeline of Indiana Jones's life. Focused mainly on the films, it does, however, reference events from the Expanded Adventures including the death of Anna Jones, Indiana Jones's participation in the Mexican Revolution and World War I, and his time at the Sorbonne and London University.

However, it erroneously notes that Jones attended the University of Chicago in 1918 when he wouldn't return from the war to US soil until 1919. There is also a reference to his first romance with Marion Ravenwood in 1926 and joining Abner Ravenwood on a dig in Jerusalem that year. Sources conflict on whether the romance occurs in '26 or 1925.