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"Dr. Jones, what you look at?"
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This article is about the 1989 edition by Les Martin. You may be looking for the 2008 adaptation by Ryder Windham.

The junior novelization of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was a Les Martin-authored young adult adaptation of the film of the same name published by Random House in 1989.

Plot summaryEdit

The novel contains several differences having been adapted from the script which went through changes before the final film appeared on screen. Some of which can also be found in Rob MacGregor's edition produced for an older audience.

Differences from the filmEdit

  • The young Indiana Jones confronts several members of the (unnamed) Dunn & Duffy Combined Circus including a rotund bearded lady of whom's lap he falls into.
  • Fedora and Panama Hat are the same character.
  • Jones's recovery of the Cross of Coronado in 1938 takes place off the coast of Brazil, not Portugal.
  • While infiltrating Castle Brunwald, Jones adopts the character of English lord Clarence Chumley in place of Scot Clarence MacDonald.
  • The Grail Knight reveals his advanced physical age is due in part to having aged a year each time his spirit wavered while guarding the Holy Grail, unworthy to drink from the cup.