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Indiana Jones and the Legion of Death is the sixth gamebook in Ballantine's "Find Your Fate Adventure" series, and the second by author Richard Wenk. It was released in December 1984.

Publisher's summary[]

Can you and Indiana Jones survive the land of THE LEGION OF DEATH?

Millionaire Waldo Shyster-Haven has asked Indiana Jones to lead an expedition into the South American jungles to locate his lost collection of priceless Incan artifacts. Three search parties have already disappeared and the locals blame the infamous Legion of Death. Indy's old friend, archaeologist Sir Reginald Brooksbank, is among the missing, so Indy agrees to take on this desperate mission—and you go along for the adventure!

From the very start, when your tiny plane sputters to a halt, you are in terrible danger. Depending on the decisions you make, you and Indy could find yourselves in a steamy snake-infested rain forest, on a treacherous expedition down the Amazon River, deep inside an ancient well, or face to face with the terrifying Legion of Death. Every exciting and frightening choice is up to you as you FIND YOUR FATE.




  • Pendant of the Incas


Behind the scenes[]

There are twenty-two distinct narrative paths presented in this book, leading to seventeen different endings. The two longest paths are twenty-three pages each; both end with Indy leaving Sir Reginald with the Incas and swearing to keep their kingdom's location a secret. The page sequence for one of these paths is:

1 → 2 → 3 → 4 → 6 → 53 → 56 → 57 → 72 → 63 → 70 → 71 → 91 → 78 → 94 → 99 → 116 → 117 → 100 → 101 → 118 → 115 → 120

The other longest path is identical, except for one page:

1 → 2 → 3 → 4 → 6 → 53 → 56 → 57 → 102 → 63 → 70 → 71 → 91 → 78 → 94 → 99 → 116 → 117 → 100 → 101 → 118 → 115 → 120

The design of this book appears to be somewhat incomplete. Specifically, fifteen pages (including four additional endings) do not appear in any complete narrative path. Instead, one inaccessible partial path-tree begins on page 69 (with Indy determining that Brooksbank likely set off to find Machu Picchu) and ends on page 68 (Indy locates Brooksbank while the narrator is sleeping), 67 (Indy is burned alive by savages), or 103 (Brooksbank returns to civilization without Indy's help). Another inaccessible path segment starts on page 95 and ends on page 61 (Indy finds Brooksbank in Machu Picchu).

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