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Indiana Jones and the Lost Horizon was the tentative title of a four issue Indiana Jones comic by Pete Ford and Hugh Fleming for Dark Horse Comics but the cancellation of the entire Indiana Jones comic run due to poor sales halted the project.[1]

It was to be set in 1926 and after an initial prologue involving Belloq and a false Shroud of Turin on a New York City skyscraper, the story would lead to Indiana Jones and Abner Ravenwood traveling to Tibet where they'd recover the headpiece to the Staff of Ra from a Chinese warlord.[1]

The idea of Indiana Jones taking the headpiece from a warlord was originally part of a sequence storyboarded for Raiders of the Lost Ark which didn't make it into the final film.[2]

For Lost Horizon, Jones would be in the position of sidekick to Ravenwood and would have attempted to address Indy's perception of the supernatural between Temple of Doom and Raiders of the Lost Ark.[1]

Wilford Brimley was to be the model for Ravenwood's appearance.[1]

While the book was cancelled, the events were briefly referenced in The World of Indiana Jones.[3]

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