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Indiana Jones and the Rising Sun is a roleplaying supplement written by Bill Olmesdahl and David Pulver and published by West End Games in 1994. It provides information on playing in 1930's Japan.

Publisher's summary[]

Japan, the 1930's: a place of danger, mystery and adventure. Hidden temples house mysterious artifacts, ancient beliefs clash with modern culture, and dark forces prepare to plunge the island nation into war.

Travel to this strange and exotic land and learn its many secrets. Confront the power of the military; delve into the puzzles of the priesthood; and then enter the twilight world of the Japanese occult.

Indiana Jones and the Rising Sun features tips of gamemastering in the World of Indiana Jones; the gamemaster screen; source material and adventure hooks for playing in Japan of the '30s; and a short adventure, "Indiana Jones and the Masamune Blade."


  • Chapter One: Gamemastering in Indiana Jones
  • Chapter Two: Japan in the 30's
  • Chapter Three: The Military
  • Chapter Four: Society and Culture
  • Chapter Five: Martial Arts
  • Equipment Chart
  • Chapter Six: Unearthly Nippon
  • Adventure: Indiana Jones and the Masamune Blade
  • Appendix: Player Character Profiles