Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates and Other Tales is a supplement to West End Games' World of Indiana Jones role-playing game, inspired by several of the Indy novels. It was authored by Greg Farshtey and John Terra, and published in 1996.

The book is softcover, divided into three chapters (containing sourcebook-like material) and two mini-adventures. The chapters discuss three novels:

The first mini-adventure, "The Adventure of the Second Horn," is based on Unicorn's Legacy, and the second, "The Revenge of EVIL," reuses characters from Sky Pirates.

Publisher's summary

Deadly and mysterious flying discs hold the world in a grip of terror ... the horn of a mythical beast casts a curse upon its owners ... an ancient prophecy comes true, bringing death in its wake ...

These are the perils at the heart of three Indiana Jones novels — Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates, Indiana Jones and the Peril at Delphi, and Indiana Jones and the Unicorn's Legacy — and now you can relive the adventures. Between these covers you'll find all the characters from these stories, allies and enemies, ready to be dropped into your campaign; fascinating locations; new artifacts, and adventure hooks. Also included are two full-length adventures and tips on panning novels and movies for role-playing gold.


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