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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is a video game published by LucasArts for the Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP and PS2 on June 9, 2009. The game was originally planned for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 however those versions were cancelled in 2009.

The game takes place in 1939, and involves Indiana Jones searching for his former mentor Charles Kingston while competing with rival archaeologist Magnus Völler for the Staff of Moses.

Publisher's summary[]

Step into the shoes of the legendary hero, Indiana Jones, in an all new epic adventure! Set in the year 1939, Indiana Jones® and the Staff of Kings™ follows the rogue archaeologist on an all-new globe-trotting quest.

From San Francisco's Chinatown to the lush jungles of Panama, Indy must use his whip, fists and wits to fight through ruthless opposition as he spars with his nemesis, Magnus Völler, in a race for a relic of biblical proportions — the Staff of Moses.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings features completely interactive environments, where players need to call upon their wits and daring to make each spring-loaded environment a weapon in order to dispense of foes in clever and unexpected ways. Also, embark upon thrilling action sequences that remain true to the spirit established in scenes such as Indy's pursuit of the motorcade in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the mine-cart scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and the free-for-all aboard the tank in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Plot summary[]

Wii/PS2 version[]


In 1939, Indiana Jones journeyed to Sudan to recover relics from Nubian pyramids before they could be scavenged by grave robbers. Reaching the Sudan Temple, he discovered that a Nazi digging team had set up camp at the base of the structure, and found a back way through a narrow canyon and a tunnel into the temple. After recovering the Ram's Head Bust, Jones was confronted by his former classmate, Magnus Völler, who took the treasure from him at gunpoint. Thinking fast, Jones tossed the artifact at a soldier, who caught the relic, but nearly fell into a pit, prompting Völler to try to rescue the relic. Jones sealed his attackers into the temple, and ran into the camp, where he fought against several German desert commandos before escaping in a truck. Leaping from the truck onto a biplane taking off, Jones commandeered the aircraft and flew threw a maze of narrow canyons while being shot at by Nazi planes. Exiting the canyons, Jones flew to freedom.

San Francisco[]

Returning from Sudan, Jones received a note from his friend Archie Tan, summoning Jones to Chinatown in San Francisco to discuss the disappearance of Charles Kingston in 1933, and his connection to the mysterious Jade Sphere. Warned that other parties were also interested, Jones reached Chinatown during the Chinese New Year festivities and started searching for Tan. While watching the parade on the street, he caught sight of Archie's granddaughter, Suzie Tan, just as she was kidnapped by Blind Duck who hauled her off down some back alleys. Jones gave chase, and fought his way through several Tong thugs before reaching the back entrance of the Lao Che Lounge.

Breaking into the basement, Jones came up to the main floor, where he engaged several thugs in an all-out brawl. After beating the men, the pianist motioned that Suzie had been taken upstairs. Jones went upstairs, but was seized by a brute and thrown out the window into the side alley. After knocking down the pugilist, Jones saw the younger Tan being pulled into a Fireworks Factory that was on fire, across the street. Running in, Jones fought several more Tong ruffians, before engaging in a shootout with Blind Duck, who escaped after Jones blew up some fireworks that broke the supports on the Blind Duck's catwalk.

Escaping from a pane of falling glass, Jones climbed up to the second level of the factory, and broke out to a back alley. The kidnappers took Suzie Tan up another building's fire escape and had pulled it up, but Jones found a way to climb up the building. Inside, Jones shot a few more of the Hip Chen Tong men before engaging Blind Duck in a rooftop firefight. Eventually forcing Blind Duck onto a dead end roof top, Jones shot down a large neon sign, which fell into a pool of water on the roof, electrocuting Blind Duck. Walking on Jones' bullwhip like a tightrope, Suzie crossed over the hazardous water to safety.

The two arrived at Archie Tan's office, where Jones reassured her that he would rescue her grandfather, and find the Jade Sphere which was connected to something called the Star of the Orient. Moving a bookshelf, Jones found a stairway leading to Archie's secret store, which was being ransacked by Tong men. Jones ambushed the thieves, and discovered that the storeroom had another secret passage, leading deep under Chinatown, to a cavern holding the shipwreck of the Star of the Orient. Jones found a way on board the ship, and began searching for the Jade Sphere. Reaching the top deck, he was ambushed by more Tong men, who had followed him down, but hadn't found the sphere either. Seeing the Jade Sphere in a stack of cannonballs, Jones knocked out a gunman, but two other gangsters fired the ship's cannon at him, starting a brawl on the main deck. Jones beat up a group of Tong men, then engaged the last few men in a shootout. After the Tong men were defeated, Jones claimed the sphere, and returned to the surface through Tan's shop.

In the street, Magnus Völler waited with his captive, Archie Tan, and several German agents. Völler agreed to let Tan go in return for the Jade Sphere, which Jones carried in a bundle. Signalling Tan to be ready for action as a cable car approached, Jones tossed the bundle to Völler, and then leaped onto the passing cable car. Tan also jumped on board, and Jones's drawn pistol encouraged the car operator to abandon his vehicle. Völler realized he had been tricked - the bundle hadn't contained the Jade Sphere, but a Buddha statue from Tan's office. Völler sent his men chasing after Jones, and they fired on his fleeing cable car from their automobiles. Jones and Tan eventually escaped, and Jones realized that Charles Kingston had left the Jade Sphere behind to guide Jones toward where they, along with Völler, had found the Sphere in 1922: in Mayan ruins in Panama.


Indy hires a boat to take him to the forest in Panama and meets a red haired woman called Maggie O'Malley. He then crosses a bridge that breaks. He uses his whip to swing on to a ledge. He climbs up onto the path again and finds some people to beat up. Then two more people find him and aim at Indy with their guns. Jones then runs away from an avalanche. Indy reaches the camp and shoots some people. Then a brute throws him off a cliff into a battle. Then he goes into a temple and fights of the torch man. then he is inside the Mayan Temple. Then he finds his way out by solving puzzles.


Jones explores how to raise armor from the floor by solving puzzles. He had to push them forward and stand in the middle of them to trigger the entry. He then rode an elephant through the streets while dodging clothes lines and German cars.


Finding his way through the snow and ice, Jones used his whip to avoid getting blown away. Escaping a tiger in an ice cavern, he went on to find Professor Kingston who takes him to a town in Nepal where there's a confrontation with the Nazis. Jones finds Moses' Staff in a tomb but Magnus Völler claims it after Jones is betrayed by Maggie. He escapes by riding down a river and over a waterfall but lands on a blimp: the Odin.


Jones rescues Maggie and finds Völler, who is with Kingston. Kingston dies taking a bullet meant for Jones. Völler uses the Staff of Kings to escape the Odin and Jones gives chase on a motorcycle. Jones and Völler fight until the archaeologist sends Völler to his grave. On land, Indy jabs the staff into the ground and the water closes in, sinking the Odin. Finally, the staff shapeshifts into a snake and slithers away, and Maggie and Indy kiss.

PSP version[]

In 1922, Indy joins his professor Charles Kingston, and fellow student Magnus Völler for field work in Panama. They were taken to the resting place of the Jade Sphere in an ancient Mayan city. While there Magnus left for the location on his own, trying to get the Jade Sphere before everyone else. Jones followed after Magnus in hopes of stopping him before something went wrong. Shortly after catching up with Magnus, Indy is told that the Sphere is just beyond the next door. Indy warns Magnus that Kingston hadn't yet translated the inscriptions in the temple, and that their could be booby traps. Magnus mocks Indy for being timid, and pulls the sphere off its pedestal. This causes the room to close and giant boulders to start rolling through the room. Magnus yells for Indy to save him, prompting Indy to find a way of disabling the trap. Indy finds three altars with pressure plates on top, pushing all three caused the altars to sink into the ground. As Indy pushed the pressure plates Magnus continued to whine for Indy's help until he pushed the last pressure plate. Magnus noted that it was working, and that the trap had been disabled. He then ran towards the exit running into Kingston, who had been drawn to the location when it sounded like the place was going to cave in, and wanted to make sure everyone was safe. He asked where Indy was, Magnus lied saying that Indy was wondering through the ruins looking for pot shards. Magnus then claimed that he had brought the Jade Sphere to Kingston. Kingston suggested they quickly go to the Temple of Cosmos before nightfall and that Indy could catch up later, Magnus agreed.

Seventeen years later, in 1939, Indy received a call from Chinatown, San Francisco in California. A merchant named Archie Tan was requesting that Indy see something from his old friend and archaeology professor Charles Kingston. After Kingston had disappeared a few years before, Indy had assumed he had died on a dig somewhere. Indy didn't know why it was so urgent, but was told to come right away. Indy quickly traveled to Chinatown and reached his office, but found the door partially open, and heard strange sounds behind it. Sensing trouble he slowly opened the door, and found a Chinese man rummaging inside of Archie's desk. He called out to the man, who started escaped through the window, to the fire escape. Indy gave chase following the man up to the rooftops (the "San Francisco Skyline"). Indy jumped across to another building, finding the man around a corner. The man yelled, telling Indy to stop following him, and fire his gun hitting a pipe, causing steam to escape. Unperturbed, Indy continued to chase the man across the roof. Around another corner he saw the man had reached the roof of another building. Seeing no other way across he pushed an antenna over and quickly made his way across. Following the path the man had taken Indy came across a short circuiting fuse box that was sending arcing bolts of electricity between the fuse box and a couple of barrels. Indy carefully made his way past the electricity, finding a gun, that the man had dropped. Looking across to the next building, he saw the man standing on a roof watching him. Indy quickly shot a at flat of crates being held up by a crane. Hitting the rope the crates fell, giving Indy room to use his his whip to swing across to the next building via the crane. Once over, Indy had cornered the man or so he thought and started to question him as to Archie's location. However the man was waiting for Indy and came at him with his fists ready. After Indy had taken care of the guy, more of his friends started pouring out of the doorways on the roof trying to stop him. Indy quickly dispatched them. Having knocked them all out Indy couldn't question them, but he found a business card on one of the thugs from the Lao Che Lounge. Indy discovered that the lounge was controlled a local gang, the Hip Chen Tong. Indy suspected they were the ones who had kidnapped Archie, and traveled to the lounge to find him.

Indy entered the lounge and asked the bartender where he could find Archie Tan. The bartender mocked that he was glad to help. He and another thug started to attack Indy. Soon after more Tongs started to enter the lounge. After one pulled a gun on him, Indy used his whip to bring down a chandelier breaking a hole through the floor. While fighting Indy searched for evidence that would lead to Archie Tan. He noticed that a picture had been exposed on the Grand Piano when the music had been blown away by the falling chandelier. Picking it up he recognized it as a picture of Suzy Tan, Archie's grand daughter. Indy suspected she was being used as leverage to convince Archie to comply with their demands. Behind a shield on the wall he discovered a map to all the Hip Chen Tong land holdings, but didn't know where on the map to go. On a table he found a note to Blind Duck telling him to take Archie to a Fireworks Factory. With the map he discovered that the Tongs only owned one fireworks factory and where it was located. Following the evidence he tracked down Blind Duck, the leader of the Hip Chen Tong who operated out of the Fireworks Factory. Although he was cautious of dangerous Blind Duck, he decided to save Archie and Suzy before they were killed.

Indy headed to a building across from an entrance to the Fireworks Factory, looking for a way in. He sees a crane with a demolition ball lying nearby. He decided he would try to move the crane closer to the factory so he could climb across to the roof and get inside. Working his way to the crane controls he noticed it was guarded by two Tong gangsters. After dispatching them and operated the controls, but had miscalculated accidentally sending the ball through the door and wall of the factory. The sound alerted more tong who entered from balcony door. Quickly taking care of them, Indy exited to the balcony and climbed down to the alley below. On the ground he noticed that a ladder to the next building was blocked by a blazing fire. Noticing a nearby pipe, he used his whip to break it putting out the flames, as more Tong started firing at him from scaffolding above, and attacking him below. Using his whip he pulled the support sending them to the ground. He quickly climbed the ladder and worked his way through the building and few more gangsters. Jumping over a hole in the floor he made it to another ladder taking him down into another alley. On the bottom Indy destroyed a couple more scaffolding to take out the tongs that were shooting at him from above, and fought the thugs in the street. His path was blocked by a lion statue connected to a steam-powered crane. Rotating the wheel on the crane, the statue was lifted allowing him passage to the broken entrance to the factory. After dispatching a few more thugs he was able to make it into the factory. Although he had gotten into the factory, but the destruction outside had alerted the Tong to his presence, and they began to move Archie upstairs as Indy entered. Archie seeing Indy asked him to find his daughter. Archie was punched by one of the guards, who told the other to take him up the roof quickly. Suzy had been left in one of the assembly rooms and had been stuffed in a barrel. She called out to Indy to help her, while he was occupied by Tongs who entered the room from several doors in order to stop him. One pulled a gun on him, so Indy quickly brought down a chandelier taking out the guard and also knocking down a pillar which blocked the door the gangster had entered from, but also started a fire. He threw another thug into a power box causing an explosion knocking another pillar over blocking another passage. Indy used fireworks and anything he could find to knock out any thugs that came into the room, while searching each barrel for Suzy when he got the chance. Finally he removed the cover on the barrel holding her, when he saw her he understood that Archie had only allowed the goons to order him around because he thought she was in danger. Jones told her to stay put until he had taken care of the remaining Tong. After he had dispatched them, he told to get out the building as fast, as he headed for the roof.

Indy finally caught up to Archie on the rooftop of the factory, where Blind Duck and few Tong were about to toss him over the edge. Archie tried to defy Blind Duck, who threatened to hurt his daughter if he didn't get what he wanted. Knowing Archie wouldn't fight back unless he knew Suzy was safe, Indy quickly told him Suzy was safe, and that the Tong's couldn't touch her. Hearing that Archie quickly took out Blind Duck's goons with his cane. Snapping the cane he tossed it away, just as an explosion occurred inside. Indy's actions below had started a fire. Indy quickly told Archie to go down below and try to put out the flames while he took care of Blind Duck. Blind duck pulled one of his four guns on Indy and began to fire on him. Indy quickly hid behind one of the vents on the roof. He whittled away at Indiana's cover breaking it apart until he ran out of bullets, and started reloading his gun. Indy quickly moved to another vent for cover, as Blind Duck started firing on him again. When he went to reload again, Indy quickly whipped the gun out of his hand. Blind duck pulled out another of his guns. Indy repeated the process until he had disarmed Blind Duck. After losing his guns, Blind Duck came at Indy with his fists. After a short fight, Jones tossed Blind Duck through a skylight on the building. Soon after another explosion occurred, Indy yelled at Archie to keep the fire away from the gunpowder, but it was too late, the entire factory was in flames. Archie returned to the roof telling him they needed to escape before the factory collapsed. As they entered back into the building it was full of smoke. Indy quickly tossed a firework through a window, which cleared much of the smoke in the room. However the started to feed the the fire causing it to intensify. Archie ran forward but the floor collapsed beneath him. Indy called, but Archie was okay, and told him to keep moving, and that he would catch up. Indy quickly jumped over the hole in the floor. Indy quickly made his way past falling support beams, collapsing shelves, broken floors and flames. After breaking another window to clear the smoke, he goes through a passage leading into the main store room of the factory. There he finds Archie, who is worried that place is starting to fall apart. Archie runs past some shelves but is blocked as the roof collapses in front of him trapping him. He asks Indy to do something to free him. Indy worked his way across the catwalks above jumping across broken sections and breaking windows as he went, until he reached a valve which turned on a sprinkler putting out the flames around Archie. Archie quickly moves forward, hoping that won't happen again but quickly runs into another collapsing roof. Indy sees another valve on the other side of the room, but the only way across to it a beam. Indy quickly moves across it while avoiding a loose timber swinging over it. Turning the valve Indy puts out the flame, and Archie runs to another valve to return the favor, and put out a flame on the catwalks allowing Indy to move on. Indy made his way back around to the area where the flame was, used his whip to swing across to the other side he makes his way to the next room and a stair case leading to the first floor. There he finds Archie near an entrance to the building and is told to hurry up. Indy makes it past more collapsing shelves, floors and pillars breaking more windows along the way. Just as he neared the entrance, part the roof collapsed blocking his way. Archie told him to find another way around. Indy past shelves until he reached a ladder leading back up to the catwalks above. He crossed another beam dodging more swinging timbers until he reached another ladder to the floor below and allowing him to reach Archie and their escape. Although they made it out of the factory, the Hip Chen Tong was waiting for them outside.

Outside Archie told Indy that the Tong hadn't gotten hold of what they were looking for, he had kept it hidden downtown, and that they could go for it that night. A Tong started chasing them on a motorcycle. Indy told Archie they would go for the artifact right then, and quickly jumped onto a passing cable car. Indy made his way to the roof, and started firing back at the Tong chasing them to prevent them from getting on board. When he got the chance he started to reload, and asked Archie what they were looking for. Archie told him him that he had been left an artifact, that looked like some kind of message, and was told to contact Indy if anyone started looking for it. Indy quickly ducked to dodge incoming fire from incoming Tongs, and fired at the street signs causing them to fall and the Tongs to crash. As they passed a building a Tong jumped on board the Cable Car from a building. Indy ducked just as the thug tried to grab for him sending him flying over Indy and off the cable car. After stopping a few more Tong motorcycles Archie asked about Suzy if she was really alright, but Indy assured him she was fine, and that they were the ones that were in danger. Soon after Indy took out a few more Tongs, Archie pulled the breaks on the cable car, putting Indy off balance. Indy told Archie to forget the break and to go fast. Regaining his balance, he continued to fire on signs and the chasing Tongs, and ducking their firing guns. After a few were cleared, Archie warned that more were coming. Soon they passed a cable car stop, and Indy told the those waiting for a ride to catch the next one. As they passed one called out for them to come back. Soon after another Tong jumped from the roof of a building onto the cable car. Again Indy ducked sending the goon to the ground. Taking out a few more chasing Tong, Archie announced they were getting close. Indy took out the last of the gangsters. Once they were safe, Archie pulled the break causing Indy to fall flat on his face on the roof. Indy asked what that was for, and was told they had reached their stop, and to follow him. The object Kingston had given him for safekeeping was the Jade sphere found in Panama. Indy decided to take it back to Panama to decode it. Indy wondered by the Tong thugs were after it, and how they even knew about it. He knew there were only two people with Kingston in Panama, and he was one of them.

Reaching Panama, Jones hired a riverboat and examined the Jade Sphere while waiting for the captain to launch. A women came up to him, thinking Indy was a crewmen, and rudely told him to quickly put her bags below. Indy sneered at her, she told him if he was waiting around for a tip, he wouldn't get one, she didn't have time wait around. Indy informed her that he had hired the steamer and that it would be taking him into the jungle, and she would have to wait for the next one. The captain told them not to fight, and assured that both were passengers and would be given a ride together. The woman, Maggie said that maybe she should wait for the next one, and then walked past Indy to the end of the dock. As Indy watched her pass, he heard the captain announcing a "Mister Sudao". Sudao had come to the dock to tell the "Professor" to hand over the Jade Sphere and threatened to kill the woman if he didn't. Indy admitted that Maggie wasn't his friend. Sudao, then ordered one of his henchmen, Miguel to shoot her. Maggie screamed out, "no", and raised her arms. However, Indy told the thugs to wait, and calm down. He agreed to give the orb, but told him not to expect to get very far. Sudao gave him the same advice, and ordered his men to kill them all. Sudao then left the dock leaving his men behind. Maggie picked up a shovel preparing to defend herself. Indy fought the pillagers as they came towards them. After defeating a few, some started shooting from balconies so he pulled out the supports with his whip sending them into the river. After a while some of the thugs started to run onto the boat to sabotage it. The captain called to Indy to help protect it. While he was busy dispatching the saboteurs, Indy heard Maggie call out for help to stop the thugs attacking her, calling him "Professor". Indy informed her his name as "Indiana". After he saved her she stayed close to him, while he took out the last of the thugs and saboteurs. After the fight he learned from the steam pilot that someone had hired been hiring mercenaries in Panama City to hunt for the same clues that Indy was looking for. Rumors were that it was a German and well-funded, and Indy believed he knew who it was, but didn't know what his game was.

After riding on the steamer, Indy had almost tracked down the mercenaries on a High Road through the jungle when he reached a bridge. As he started to cross it, Sudao spotted him, and ordered his men to prevent him fro crossing the bridge by hacking it down. The thugs cut down trees on both ends to prevent Indy from escaping from the bridge easily while they came after him. Indy knocked out the first thug that came over a log, and heard another one get ordered to cut the ropes. He quickly took out the mercenary to protect the bridge, and was attacked by a group. Sudao told Indy that the jungle was their territory and he wanted him to stay out. They kept him occupied while other mercenaries attempted to cut the rope. He quickly dispatched them, tossing a few off the bridge for good measure. Sudao ordered a last group to make sure Indy didn't cross at all costs, but Indy was able to take them out. Once Indy had tossed enough mercenaries off the bridge, Sudao turned and ran. Indy tracked him to an ancient Mayan city, which Sudao had turned into his own private stronghold. Sudao knew the ruins by heart, Indy had a little difficulty keeping up. Along the way, Sudao briefly taunted Indiana from above, telling him if he wanted the orb he would have to come and get it. Indy looked around the room, seeing it wasn't going to be easy. The floor of the room curbed like a disk, and boulders were rolling around the room. Holes around the room vented steam. Those venting steam sideways kept boulders moving around the room. Jones discovered levers inside of niches around the room that would close near the center of the room and open other vents for a short time. Indy carefully avoided the steam and roller rocks, activating a few of the switches giving him access to the center of the room. The center of the room had a deeper impression with three large steam vents, as the boulders passed into it they slowed enough that Indiana could push them. Soon enough he was able to get a boulder into the depression, and got stuck on one of the floor vents. After three boulders blocked the vents, pressure build up under a central disc, and Indy decided to stand on it. It turned out to be an elevator which took him up to a platform above. Indy quickly crossed a narrow stone beam and avoiding swinging traps. After making it across he ran into Maggie again, who asked him if he was planning on taking on the mercenaries himself. She claimed she was a journalist and planned to follow Indy and write his story.

They soon entered a room with an altar at the center emitting noxious incense. They discovered the Jade Sphere on pedestal in the stump of a tree at the side of the room. Maggie asked Indy to grab the orb so they could leave. However Sudao was waiting for them. He claimed to be impressed that Jones had made it into his stronghold. Indy had him cornered, and told told him to hand over the sphere. Sudao offered to sell it to him, he just had to name his price. Indy threatened him that if he just gave the orb, he would let him walk out of there alive. Sudao believed the Jade Sphere would make him rich and didn't want to give it up without a fight. He started swinging his staff at Indy trying to hit him. While Maggie started hacking at the vines around pedestal with a crowbar to get to the Jade Sphere. Indy started tossing pots filled with noxious incense at Sudao to stun him. After knocking him around a bit, one of Sudao's men ran in asking what was going on. Sudao told him to stay back, Jones was his to deal with. The thug started attacking Maggie. After he dispatched the thug, Indy turned his attention back to Sudao. Soon another mercenary showed up, asking Sudao if he needed help. Sudao ordered him to attack the girl. He was soon taken care of as well. A final mercenary showed, up and Sudao asked what took him so long, but he was quickly taken out as well, and Indy was able to defeat Sudao. Turning his attention to Maggie he noticed that she had the Sphere in her hands. They quickly had left the room as it started collapse. After Indy had taken care of Sudao his men were willing to talk. Indy learned he was right, his old friend Magnus Völler was in Panama with a group of Nazis. Indy was one step ahead, but before he could decode Kingston's message he needed to find three ancient mirrors, that woud unlock the Temple of the Cosmos.

Indy returned to the resting place of the Jade Sphere, the same location where Magnus had found the sphere 17 years before believing the mirrors could be found there. Climbing inside via a rope he discovered that the boulders were rolling again. He carefully made his way through the room discovering passages leading to each mirror. As he entered each passage he found himself blocked by walls that slid in into place behind him, forcing him to move forward past more traps. He found the mirrors on pedestals at the end of the passages. Taking the mirrors closed the passages behind him and opened the exit back into the main hall. As he collected the mirrors, Maggie told him to hurry up, since the Nazis were on there way. After finding the last mirror an exit to resting place opened up , allowing them to escape. Indy caught up with Maggie who told him she saw Germans heading to the temple. Although they had gotten the mirrors and the sphere, Magnus had beat them to the temple, reached the observatory. He had deployed a force of Nazis to stop Indy. Indy told the reporter to stay behind him. She asked who Magnus was, he revealed that he was a fellow student of his old professor. They worked there way up the side of the pyramid, as they climbed the Nazis were alerted to their presence and started to send troops after him. Dispatching them Indy soon reached a broken section of the temple. Indy asked if Maggie could jump across. He told her would go first and she could follow after. He made it across, however, the platform collapsed is further up the pyramid behind him separating them. He worked his way up the side of the pyramid until he reached a statue, and pushed it over into the broken section of the pyramid, giving Maggie a way across. She quickly caught up. Up ahead there path was blocked by another statue, with Maggie's help he was able to push it over, allowing them access to the top of the pyramid. At the top Jones inserted the three mirrors in the the three stone housings, causing a pedestal to rise from the floor. Indy inserted the Jade Sphere into a depression at the top. The pedestal sunk inside the temple and a passage opened up. They entered the temple and used the Sphere to reveal Kingston's message. While Indy was translating the message on the sphere, Magnus entered with a couple of guards. Indy quickly escaped back to the top of the pyramid. Maggie ran out and had a short fall down a broken section of pyramid. Indy asked if she was okay, but had to turn his attention to the Nazis guarding the pyramid. He knew he had to trap Magnus inside to give a better chance of escaping. Guards started coming up from ladders on the side of the pyramid. After defeating them and collecting their crowbars, Indy was able to destroy the the mirror pedestals. After destroying the third one the entrance to the entrance to the temple closed trapping Magnus inside. Indy quickly took care of the last guards and escaped.

The message from the sphere turned out to be a map leading to the site of an underground cistern in Istanbul. Translating the clues Indy discovered that Kingston was looking for the Staff of Moses. The staff was an artifact with tremendous power. He knew it would be dangerous if it fell into the Nazi's hands, so he decided to find it before they did. According to Kingston, the keepers of the staff had left a compass, the Shepherd, in Istanbul that pointed the way to their final destination, and they told their story in a Chronicle hidden inside the Sultan's Palace. Indy knew if he could find that chronicle he would know where to look for the cistern. When he reached Istanbul he traveled to some Turkish Gardens near the Sultan's Palace. He discovered that the Nazis had already discovered a secret entrance into the palace before he got there. When they spotted them they closed the entrance before he could get inside. While fighting them he found the pressure plates that opened the hatch, and climbed inside. Once inside the Sultan's Place he found his way to the old library, the Nazis had converted it into a radio room. Luckily they hadn't yet discovered the Chronicle. Indy knew that even though Magnus had Kingston's map, he would never find the way to the Shepherd without the Chronicle. Indy hoped to find it and get out fast. Inside the library Nazis were discussing that Indy had made it into the palace. They suspected that he knew something Magnus didn't know, they suspected he knew the way to the Shepherd. The radioman was quickly ordered to send a message to Magnus Indy continued to fight until he had prevented the message from getting through. Searching through the room, breaking through a doorway Indy discovered the Shepherd's chronicle inside of a small room off to the side. After finding the Chronicle he had a dozen of Nazis on his tail. He quickly jumped out a window as they fired at him onto a roof outside. He jumped onto an elephant passing by below. As the elephant ran from the palace he turned back and started firing on Nazis chasing him on motorcycles. Hitting barrels releasing the liquid inside and causing them to crash. He ducked when guards jumped in to the howdah, sending them to their doom. After a while the elephant ran through a fruit stand, causing Indy to loose his balance. Further on the the elephant ran over a couple of Nazis in the street. After Indy had stopped those chasing him, he jumped off the Elephant. Maggie was waiting for him, and told him that the Nazis were already in the cistern digging it up, and she wondered how Indy planned to stop them. However, since they didn't have the chronicle they were digging in the wrong spot.

Entering the Roman Cisterns, Indy told Maggie to guard the entrance while he looked for the Shepherd. She balked that she had to stand around doing nothing, but quickly agreed. Indy worked his way across the catwalks the Nazis had built at the site. He noticed that Magnus had stationed scouts there, and it wouldn't be easy getting in. On the way down he activated a crane he knocking a German off the catwalks but alerted his presence. He fought his way through the Germans who were then trying to stop him from reaching the bottom. Pushing boxes down, he was able to reach the ladder to the next level of catwalks and worked his way further down. When he reached halfway he yelled to Maggie his position. When he reached the bottom, the Germans figured out where he was heading and demanded that he take them to the Shepherd. When he refused, the officer ordered the other two guards to capture Jones. Indy quickly defeated them, and turned his attention to a wheel near a nearby gate. Rotating it he raised the gate, and made his way to the Waterways. Indy had to figure out how to get past gates blocking passage tot he Cistern he was after. According to the Chronicle the Cistern had been commissioned by a Roman proconsul who was worried about being poisoned, so he built the gates to prevent saboteurs. The shepherd was hidden behind one of the gates. Indy carefully worked his way across the waterways until he reached the first gate. He noticed the area had a system of water pipes. He noticed a lever, pulling it he drenched himself as water fell from above, but turned on the ancient plumbing system and a nearby fountain. Searching further into the room he found a valve laying on the ground. He returned it to its rightful place and turned the wheel, which caused a pipe above to move around the room. He moved it until it filled a basin to the right of the gate filling it, and causing it to lower, while raising the gate. He only had a short time to get through as the water drained from the basin. He made his way through but noticed that another gate blocked his passage. He quickly brought down a pillar on that side, this destabilized the roof causing the room to shake, Indy knew he had to hurry up. He quickly moved the base near the gate, and worked his way back to the valve. Using the valve he opened the gate again, quickly moved the pillar under it to keep it open, and then worked the valve this time filling the basin on the left side of the first gate, raising the second gate. He quickly ran through. Following, the Chronicle he found the location where the Shepherd was held; a large open chamber with a timekeeping pendulum in the centre. According to the Chronicle it served as a kind of time lock, and it had to be swung across the right sequence of numbers to reveal the Shepherd. Indy discovered an inscription below the pendulum with a riddle pointing how find the pendulum. The clue said to activate six and fifty and nine and ten, 9:10. Indy noticed that the room was built like a clock with numbers one to twelve on the walls. With that he figured he needed to swing the pendulum at the correct sequence of numbers on the wall. Getting on the Pendulum he started to swing it around the room, causing it to crash into the wall. Each time he hit the correct numbers a niche on the wall opened a little. While he was swinging on the pendulum Nazis began to enter the room, which he took out by swinging the pendulum into them. After hit last the last number, the Shepherd was revealed he grabbed it and escaped back to the entrance of the cisterns. However his damage to the waterworks and crashing pendulum started to cause the site to collapse. He carefully made his way back up the catwalks, Maggie asked him what he had done, Indy told her had no time to explain. He carefully made his way up the ladders avoiding the short circuiting cranes, and jumping or swinging over broken or collapsing sections of the catwalk until he reached the top. Along the way Maggie told Indy to hurry up before the place collapsed. Finally making it to the exist Indy had a chance to examine the Shepherd.

The Shepherd lead to Nepal... According to the Chronicle, the Staff of Moses was laid to rest in an underground temple in the mythical city of Suya Desh, where the staff's power kept the city warm year-round, even at the top of the Himalayas. Jones left Maggie with the supplies and started his trek up the mountain alone. After his long journey up, braving the wind, falling rocks, frozen ladders, deep crevasses, and fragile platforms, he made it to the top, and found the entranced to the city. He returned to his base camp to find Maggie and their supplies, and take them up the mountain. When they entered the city, Indy was surprised to find that Charles Kingston was alive and waiting for him. Kingston was glad to see Indy and welcomed him to Suya Desh. He was glad Indy had been the one who had followed the clues, and and was worried what would happen if anyone else had found the Staff's location. However, before they could get reacquainted, Kingston spotted a huge zeppelin in the sky. Indy told Kingston to stay clear while he handled things. As Indy entered further into the city, A German on a bridge spotted Jones, and called in guards to stop him. Indy pulled the four supports on the bridge to prevent the guard from shooting him, and started fighting the Nazis that were repelling down from the Zeppelin. Kingston yelled to Indy telling him that the Suya Deshans were out patrolling the mountain , and that he would have call them back by lighting the signal fires. It would tell them the city was in danger. Indy lit the beacons with a torch, and continued to defend the city as he waited. He had to relight the fires when they were occasionally blown out by the wind. Finally the guards returned to the city, and Kingston ordered Indy back to the temple, telling him to let the guards take care of the city.

The Suya Deshans rallied to defend the city, allowing Jones to hunt for the entrance to the temple. He ran into Maggie who was also looking for the entrance. Maggie explained the the entrance was behind a huge stone wall, it was two hundred feet tall and twenty feet thick. She asked him if they could find a way to knock the wall down, Jones suggested using a nearby catapult. While Jones aimed the catapult, Maggie spotted for him, and loaded and fired the weapon. After they fired a few shots, the Nazis reached their position, Indy disposed of them quickly. In the distance a Nazi machine gunner opened up from the tops of a pagoda. They sent rocks towards the pagodas destroying them, and then went back to work knocking the blocks from the stone wall, firing when they got the chance. Finally after they had broken through the wall, Jones aimed a final rock through the gate behind the wall. Jones told Maggie to stay behind, and hold the Nazis off, while he got the staff. She told him her story was in, there and not to expect her to wait around forever. Running through the caves behind the gate, Jones made it as far as the underground entrance to the Temple of the Staff before the Nazis caught up, Maggie yelled out to Jones to warn him about the Nazis. Jones wanted to prevent them from getting inside the temple, and pillaging it and taking the staff. He fought the incoming Nazis, taking their crowbars he broke down the pillars breaking the bridge, and knocking off the controls to the entrance gate. He told Maggie he had blocked the entrance, she asked how he planned to get out, and that she would think of something. Soon, more Nazis repelled in from the roof, and Jones dispatched them. Indy grabbed the control wheel that had popped loose, he attached it to the gate mechanism near the entrance to the temple. However it wouldn't open the gate. Noticing gears behind him, he grabbed another crow bar, and pried the gears loose. With the gears activated he could turn the control wheel, and raise the gate into the temple. He quickly entered as the gate closed behind him. Soon he reached the Central Sanctuary. It was like the inside of an ancient Roman mill. Immense gears drove a system of platforms and bridges that spanned bottomless pits. Maggie had gotten there before him, and pointed to the Staff. She wondered how they could reach it, Jones pointed out that if they connected the gears together they should be able to extend the bridges and reach it. Jones quickly made his way across the first bridge, and climbed up on the central platform to the control mechanism for the room. He noticed that only part of the system was working, and that he needed to connect more gears. However, turning it allowed him to reach the two gear assembles in the room. After he activated them, he went back to the gear controls, and turned revolving the gears until they were were aligned with the platform where the Staff of Kings was held, and extending the final bridge. Maggie urged Jones to move on, he quickly crossed and grabbed the staff. He held it over his head to show Maggie, just as the room started to shake. He ran across the bridge just as the platform behind him collapsed. Reaching the other side, he stood across the ravine between him and Maggie. She told him to throw the Staff to her, which he complied. As she turned around, he asked what she was doing. She apologized, and promised to explain her reasons for taking the staff later.

Indy followed after Maggie, and ran into Magnus and a few of his his guards elsewhere in the temple. They had captured Maggie, and Mangus had taken the staff. Magnus claimed that Indy had nearly lost him, but luckily for him Jones a tendency to trust the wrong people. Maggie admitted she worked for the British Government, and was trying to keep the staff away from the Nazis. Jones sarcastically told her she done a good job. Magnus, then ordered his men to kill Jones, and to tell the Odin (his double-hulled zeppelin) they were ready to depart. Maggie, told the guards to let her go, and told Jones that he had to stop Magnus. Magnus left with Maggie, leaving Jones alone with more guards. Jones vowed that things weren't over yet between him and Magnus, and quickly defended himself. A Nazi on a cliff above pointed a gun at Jones and taunted him. Jones quickly pulled the shelf under the Nazi's feet down using his whip, sending the Nazi to his death, and fought the remaining guards. Indy noticed a ladder nearby was the way, and started climbing. More Nazis spotted him as he climbed up and tried to stop him. He quickly dispatched them and continued climbing further up. When his path was blocked, Jones pushed a boulder out of the way, an used his rope to cross a ravine, until he found more ladders to work his way up. Soon, he reached another boulder and dropped it on the heads of a couple of guards, and stepped down to where they had been. Soon Nazis were climbing down a ladder to get him, he quickly took care of them, and worked his way up. Finally after another boulder, Indy soon made it near the exit. A final group of Nazis lowered a ladder and climbed into the room. Indy quickly stopped them, and using their ladder made it outside, and back into the light. Indy vowed he would stop the staff from going to Berlin. Once he made it back to Suya Desh, he learned that Magnus had taken Kingston and Maggie back to the Odin. By the time Jones had made it outside, Magnus was getting ready to take off. Jones knew he had only one chance to get aboard before Magnus and the staff were gone for good, unfortunately the city gates were locked and guarded, preventing him from reaching the Odin. The guards spotted Jones and started attacking him. Jones knew opening the gate wouldn't be easy. Soon Nazis started firing at him form the balconies above, so he pulled the supports causing the roof to collapse on them. Jones quickly pulled a lever to release the locks on the gate, and turned the wheel mechanism opening the gate, and quickly passed through before the gate closed again.

After passing through the gate he had to cross a couple of ravines, before he reached the Odin. Jones quickly used his whip to swing onto the ship. The Nazis had locked the ship up tight. Jones climbed a ladder to the Gondola's roof near the propellers looking for a hatch. At the top he found a deck where supplies had been tied down. Jones had to be careful when the propellers ran at full speed, he was nearly blown off. Jones defeated Nazis coming out of some floor hatches. Taking the Nazi's crowbars and break the straps tying the supplies down, once the propellers were put in into full speed again, the supplies were blown off the ship breaking through the railing. Indy quickly passed through the passage where the supplies had been to reach a hatch. Opening it, he entered the ship. From there he made his way into the mess hall where Maggie had been imprisoned, after he took out her guards and saved her, they split up briefly. Indy headed to the hanger bay to destroy two of the planes and leave one as an an escape measure. Maggie showed up and wondered why Indy was waiting around. Indy then headed to the cargo bay where he found Magnus. Magnus ordered his troops to kill Indy, and locked a solid steel door behind him as he headed to the bridge. Indy used crowbars to cut the wires holding up a cannon releasing it and breaking down the door allowing him to chase after Magnus. He followed Magnus to the ship's training room, but Magnus left him with three big soldiers and ran away again locking another steel door behind him. Jones defeated the guards, and used a crowbar to break a pipe holding the lockers. He broke a rack holding weights which caused them to roll into and break a foot locker near the lockers. With the foot locker out of the way he was able to push the lockers over breaking a grate and wall into the next room. He followed Magnus onto the bridge.

Indy entered the lower section of the bridge, a guard knochit him, knocking his gun out of his hand. He saw Magnus on a catwalk above, near the bridge controls. He told Jones if he wanted the staff, he would have to come and take it. Völler sent the guards defeat Jones, but they were unsuccessful. Following their defeat, Völler came down from the Catwalk via a ladder, kicking Jones to the ground. While heading to his desk, Magnus asked Jones, what the point of fighting his men, if he would still be defeated by him. Magnus quickly pulled a gun from the desk and started firing on Jones. Jones hid behind some statues while Völler fired at him, coming out to attack whenever the German reloaded his weapons. Jones quickly whipped magnus hand, and started punching him. Soon he knocked Magnus, back, and punched the gun out of Magnus hand, telling him that it leveled the playing field. Magnus fought back bare handed. Magnus dodged most of his punches, so Jones used anything he could defend himself, including slamming Magnus' head into a piano. Once he Jones finally was able to stun him, he punched him knocking him to the ground, telling him the staff wasn't meant for him. Magnus got up, claimed that it was meant for him, and that he would lead his people to the promised land, for conquest, and give them their rightful place in history. Indy continue to defend himself. Soon, Magnus tried to charge-attack into Jones, who quickly sidestepped. Magnus slammed into a statue instead becoming stunned. Jones, quickly knocked him to the ground and grabbed the staff, just as Maggie O'Malley and Charles Kingston entered the room. Jones told them it was about time they showed up. Maggie replied that he could have left the door open, he told her he was a bit busy. With Indy's back turned, Völler grabbed his machine gun, and returned to his feet and began to fire. Charles Kingston, yelled no, and jumped in front of Indy taking a spray of bullets to the chest, and falling down dead. Magnus taunted Jones, telling him he would join Kingston shortly, and started firing on Jones. Indy grabbed Maggie and quickly jumped out of a window of the Odin with the staff. AS they fell, the staff caused the bay to part. Surviving the fall to the ground below, they got up, looking for a way to escape. A half-truck was dropped from the Odin near by them. They commandeered it. Maggie drove, while Indy fion chasing Nazis from the roof. They made their way to the shore, avoiding Germans chasing them and sharks jumping out of the water. Soon after they reached the shore, and Magnus still on board the Odin, ordered his crew to fire upon them, yelling he would destroy the staff before he would let Jones have it. As Indy reached the shore, the waters began to collapse on the chasing Nazis, and the Odin. Magnus screamed out, "nooooo!" as the water crashed through the bridge washing him off the the catwalk and drowning him. The waters finally covered the Odin destroying it.

Standing on the shore as the sun set, Maggie, told Jones she couldn't believe what had happened. While Jones examines the staff, she joked that she was supposed to keep the staff away from unsavoury types like Jones. Indiana replied that it would be easier said than done. He looked at the staff flashed in his hands and turned into a snake. Started, he yelled "snake", and tossed it to the ground. Maggie told Jones it was getting away, asking for his help. He told her to let it go, "It'll take care of itself". Maggie, joked that was more than could be said for some people. Maggie came over kissed him and they walked into the sunset.

DS version[]

One day Jones is contacted by Archie Tan over the phone. Archie tells Indy that men have been his store asking about Charles Kingston, Indy's old professor. Indy asks what is going on, but the phone is cut off before he can find out. Sensing his friend is in danger he travels to Chinatown, San Francisco to save him. After hitting the streets of San Fran, he notices an old man being accosted by a couple of hooligans. The old man is able to fend off one with his cane before Indy steps in to help. After a quick brawl, Indy knocks out the remaining goons with a shovel. The old man thanks him, and asks for Jones identity. Indy tells him his name, and tells him he is looking for "Tan's Exotic Imports". The old man then recognizes Indy as Archie's friend, and introduces himself as Loo Sing. He informs Indy that Archie had been kidnapped by the Hip Chen Tong, a Chinese gang. He then explained that Archie's granddaughter Suzy saw the event, and hid in his shop. Indy asked Loo Sing for the directions for the shop, and was told to take to the rooftops. After Indy crossed the roofs he made his way to the main gate to Archie's section of town. Indy traveled through a construction area, and blew up a gas station to take out more Tong, on his way to Archie's office. Reaching the office he discovered that the Tong were inside, trying to get to Suzy, who had locked herself in Archie's office. She exited the office after Indy dispatched the thugs. Indy asked her what the Tongs wanted with Archie, and was that they wanted a Jade Sphere.


Archie Tan's Office

Suzy believed it was probably locked in the basement. She couldn't find the entrance, and Indy volunteered to find it himself. He started his search in Archie's office. Inside he discovered Zodiac panels alongside the wall, and an ancient Chinese Lantern Projector on Archie's desk. He closed the window shades, and turned on the projector, discovering that it cast Zodiac images on the wall. By blowing on the projector he was able to change the images it projected. The images pointed him to the order to push the panels on the wall. After figuring out the order, a panel opened on the wall, containing the basement key, a round seal.

On the way out of the office, Suzy asked Indy to find the secret basement. Indy found that the seal opened a passage on the bottom floor of the store. Inside he found a Cipher of Meribah, inside was a letter telling him that the Jade Sphere is hidden inside of the Star of the Orient, and that he is to find a hidden passage inside the Lao Che Lounge. He asked Suzy for directions to the lounge. He was told its location and was given a key to unlock a door to the rooftops from Archie's office, in order to find Loo Sing who knew the password to get in. Indy then made his way to the lounge, and entered it. After a quick brawl, he was able to make it into the store room, and discovered the secret passage to the Star of the Orient behind a gong. Indy searched the cavern for a key to the ship, and made his way into the ship's hold. Inside he found Kingston's Chest (another Cipher) containing the Jade Sphere. On his way out of the cavern he found his escape blocked by Magnus Völler, who was pointing his gun at Archie's head. He threatened to shoot Archie, if Jones refused to give him the Jade Sphere. Before Indy could hand over the sphere, Archie quickly used his cane to knock the gun out of Magnus hand, and they escaped to the streets and onto a trolley. Magnus ordered the Tong to chase after Indy. While Archie sped up, Indy fought the Tongs from the trolley's roof. After Indy fended off the henchmen, Archie discovered the breaks were broken, and it was going to crash. Luckily they were able to jump onto a truck Suzy was driving, just before the trolley crashed into the bay. Afterwords Indy asked why Kingston had Archie keep the Jade Sphere, Archie didn't know, but he was told to lock the sphere in the cipher chest, and to call if anyone ever came to look for the sphere. Indy explained that the sphere was a key to the door of a Mayan Temple, and that he needed to get back there to find answers.

Next Indy headed to Panama. While tried to hire a riverboat to head down river. The captain told him the boat was already hired, and that he could take Indy down the river the next day. Jones attempted to convince the captain to charter his boat for double the payment, if he cancelled the other passenger's charter, and took him that day. While he attempted to convince the captain, a woman showed up wondering why Indy was trying to steal her charter. Indy apologized and offered to pay the women for her troubles, if he could take her place. She told him she didn't want his money, and that she had an important deadline for a prestigous magazone she worked for. While they were talking Nazis showed up on the river and attempted to kill Indy to take the sphere. Indy quickly told the women to get on board fast before he was caught. She wondered who he was, and why the Germans were shooting at them. He told her he would explain after they escaped. The Nazis quickly caught up and boarded the riverboat, Indy quickly dispatched them just before the boat reached a waterfall, and was about to go over. Indy and the women quickly swung away from the ship, just as the boat went over the edge. He told the woman to hide, and that he would come back for her after the coat was clear. She was not willing to listen to him until he introduced himself. After which she introduced herself as Maggie O'Malley. He told her to stay behind while he entered the jungle. He fought his way throught he jungle and made his way to the temple. After figuring out how to enter, he explored the temple. After he found three Mystic Keys he was able to reach another cipher at the top of a tall platform. Inside Indy found Kingston's notes, and research about the Staff of Moses.

Magnus had tracked him down, and told Jones to give up the notes. Indy threw the notes into the air letting them blow away, and ran running into Maggie. She asked Indy about the Staff of Moses, he explained that it was a dangerous weapon potentially if in the wrong hands. Maggie decided to stick to Jones, claiming it would make a great story for her magazine. Indy mentions that the notes speak of a Shepherd, a man in paris, whose identity is hidden in the Paris Catacombs. After traveling to Paris, indy told Maggie to wait at the train station while he explored the dangerous ruins. Inside Indy found the place crawling with Germans. Traveling deep into the catacombs he found they had constructed an underground bunker. Working his way through the bunker, and the hidden base there, he was able to discover a secret path back into the catacomb that lead to the Roman Maze where the Shepherd was kept. At the end of the maze he discovered another cipher inside of the Shepherd's sarcophagus, inside was another note from Kingston, telling him to go to Lukla, Nepal. After escaping the catacombs, and finding Maggie at the train station, Indy found that Magnus was there as well. He destracted them and lead them up on top of Orient Express where he dispached them as it travelled down the tracks. Jones then disconnected the last car, leaving Magnus behind. Making his way inside he explained to Maggie that they were heading to Nepal where the staff was hidden. After plane flight to Lukla, they climbed into the moutains and crossed a frozen wasteland to reach a hidden city. While Maggie and Indy were were discussing how much farther they had travel, they had inadvertantly walked into the city unawhares. Charles Kingston, who was still alive, interupted their discussion and greeted them. Indy surprised asked why Kingston had never contacted him. Kingston replied that he had promised to keep the secret of the Staff Guardians. He was glad that Indy had found his trail of clues. Kingston learned that Magnus was on his way, and believed the Staff Guardians could deal wit him, until he learned that he was bringing an army. He told Indy to get to the cave below the temple at the top of the city. Jones sent Maggie and Kingston to get everyone to safety while he went after the staff. Making his way through the temple he searched for the three eye gems for the God head statue that were kept in three rooms of the temple. After finding the three gems he was able to open the secret path under the God Head.

In the undergound section of the temple he had to cross a trapped tile floor, on the other side was a passage leading outside to a cliff. After passing through the snow he reached the entrance to Moses' Chamber. The room contained another cypher puzzle, and waterfall at the end. Solving the cypher parted the wateral exposing a statue behind it. Indy found the staff in the statue's hands. Removing the staff caused the cave to start to collapse. Indy quickly made his way back out of the room. After making it outside, he was greeted by Magnus. Magnus had captured Kingston and Maggie taking them aboard his airship, the Odin, and threatened to kill them if Indy didn't hand over the staff. Indy complied, as Magnus headed back to the ship, he told his guards to kill Indy. However Jones freed himself from his captors by sucker punching them, and then headed for the Odin (as it was flying towards the Bay of Bengal). He caught a mooring line, but lost his gun in the process, and climbed on board the air bags. He was met by Germans coming out of a hatch on top of the ship. After fighting his way to the Hatch he made it inside. Climbing down a ladder he reached the catwalks inside, working his way down he found a code that allowed him access into the Bottom Level of the ship. After passing through a small store room he was able to enter one of the ship's cargo holds. Climbing onto the back of one of the trucks he took out a small force of Germans by using a machine gun mounted there, from the cargo hold he made his way to one of the ship's hanger bays. Pulling a switch he dropped some nazis out the floor hatches. He made his way to small kitchen and entered a dumbwaiter that lead up the ship's galley. Searching through an office down a hallway from the galley he discovered a code that opened up to the bridge. There he found Maggie and Kingston tied together and Magnus watching from a catwalk above. Magnus sends out a few goons to stop Indy, but he quickly overpowers them. Magnus then lowers himself via an elevator and attempts to attack Indy. Indy succeedes in defending himself and gets the staff. However, Magnus pulls a gun on him. Kingston quickly jumps from his wheelchair infront of Magnus saving Jones life. In his dying breath Kingston tells Indy to protect the staff. With the gun still pointed at him, Indy grabs Maggie and jumps out a window with the staff. As they land in the bay below them the waters begin to part allowing them to land on the ocean floor below. Magnus sends his troops to the vehicle bay to bring them back. A few half-track motercycle reach the bottom just before Indy reaches land. Indy uses the staff to split the Odin in two and sending it to the bottom of the sea. As it collapses into the part in the sea, indy raises the staff allowing the water to collapse down onto the ship completely submerging it. Magnus yells out Indy's name in his dieing breath. Contemplating their success, Maggie asks Indy what they will do with the Staff. Indy believes it should be in a museum but wonders how it could be kept safe from the next person who would try to abuse its power. As he's thinking that the staff turns into a snake in his hands. He quickly tosses away, saying "Well, I guess it can take care of itself". Both Indy and Maggie walk off into the sunset.


Voice actors[]

Role Voice actor Version
Indiana Jones John Armstrong
Wolfgang Pampel (German version)
Nintendo Wii
Maggie O'Malley Orla Brady Nintendo Wii
Magnus Völler Adrian Schiller Nintendo Wii
Professor Charles Kingston Christopher Goodwin Nintendo Wii
Archie Tan Sab Shimono Nintendo Wii
Suzie Tan Dionne Quan Nintendo Wii
Blind Duck James Sie Nintendo Wii
Sudao Jorge Belon Nintendo Wii
Curator Will Beckman Nintendo Wii
Boat Captain Joe Nunez Nintendo Wii
Pillager Hernán de Béky
Alex Fernandez
Carlos Ferro
David Michie
Nintendo Wii
German Soldier Dirk Meyer
Christian Mey
Jens Münchow
Torsten Münchow
Michael Schernthaner
Nintendo Wii
Tong Thug Fernando Chien
Dana Lee
Kevin Yamada
Ron Yuan
Nintendo Wii
Henry Jones, Sr. Lewis Macleod Nintendo Wii





Main Artifacts Location Versions
Staff of Moses Nepal Wii/PS2, PSP, DS
Jade Sphere San Francisco Wii/PS2, PSP, DS
Shepherds Istanbul, Paris Wii/PS2, PSP, DS
Copper Statue multiple locations DS
Silver Statue multiple locations DS
Gold Statue multiple locations DS


Artifacts Versions
Ram's Head Bust Wii/PS2
Nubian Bust Wii/PS2 (Fortune #1)
Limestone Tablet Wii/PS2 (Fortune #2)
Gold Ram's Head Wii/PS2 (Fortune #3)

San Francisco[]

Artifacts Versions
Cipher of Meribah DS
Chinese Puzzle Boxes PSP
Antique Ivory Figurine PSP
Ancient Alchemical Equipment PSP
Gold Bowl Wii/PS2 (Fortune #1)
Ceramic Figures Wii/PS2 (Fortune #2)
Bronze Flask Wii/PS2 (Fortune #3)
Bronze Horses Wii/PS2 (Fortune #4)
Gold Censer Wii/PS2 (Fortune #5)
Dog Statue Wii/PS2 (Fortune #6)
Ming Vase Wii/PS2 (Fortune #7)
Earthenware Jar Wii/PS2 (Fortune #8)
Ancient Bank Note Wii/PS2 (Fortune #9)


Artifacts Versions
Cipher of Meribah DS
Snake Huacas PSP
Ceremonial Arrowheads PSP
Warrior Huacas PSP
Jade Figurine Wii/PS2 (Fortune #1)
Ceramic Bowl Wii/PS2 (Fortune #2)
Ceramic Figurine Wii/PS2 (Fortune #3)
Wooden Figurine Wii/PS2 (Fortune #4)
Jade Pendant Wii/PS2 (Fortune #5)
Death Mask Wii/PS2 (Fortune #6)
Ceramic Monkey Wii/PS2 (Fortune #7)

Paris (DS Version)[]

Cipher of Meribah

Istanbul (Wii/PS2/PSP Versions)[]

Artifacts Versions
Shepherd PSP/Wii/PS2
Chronicle PSP
Cipher of Meribah DS
Khazars Brass Medallions PSP
Eastern Empire Official Seals PSP
Byzantine Empire Cross PSP
Royal Shield Wii/PS2 (Fortune #1)
Royal Gauntlets Wii/PS2 (Fortune #2)
Gold Belt Buckle Wii/PS2 (Fortune #3)
Crystal Bottle Wii/PS2 (Fortune #4)
Holy Book Receptacle Wii/PS2 (Fortune #5)
Gold Relic Wii/PS2 (Fortune #6)
Royal Crown Wii/PS2 (Fortune #7)
Bejeweled Aigrette Wii/PS2 (Fortune #8)
Dagger of Topkapi Wii/PS2 (Fortune #9)
Gold Flask Wii/PS2 (Fortune #10)
Selim's Water Bottle Wii/PS2 (Fortune #11)
Gold Writing Case Wii/PS2 (Fortune #12)


Artifacts Versions
Staff of Kings All versions
Cipher of Meribah DS
God Head DS
Ancient Lichavi Incriptions PSP
Khukri Knives PSP
Apocrypha Scriptural Texts PSP
Ceremonial Collar Wii/PS2 (Fortune #1)
Ivory Buddha Wii/PS2 (Fortune #2)
Copper Indra Wii/PS2 (Fortune #3)
Jambhala Statue Wii/PS2 (Fortune #4)
Mask of Bhairava Wii/PS2 (Fortune #5)

Odin and the Sea Floor[]

Artifacts Versions
Orichalcum PSP
Solomon's Jewels PSP
Fragments of the Mirror of Dreams PSP
Germanic Cup Wii/PS2 (Fortune #1)
Germanic Shield Wii/PS2 (Fortune #2)

South America (Wii co-op mode)[]

Artifacts Versions
Gold and Silver Statues Wii
Giant Mayan Statue Wii

Vehicles and vessels[]


  • Fists
  • Whip
  • Revolver
  • Bazooka (Wii/PS2).
  • Shovels (Wii/PS2/PSP).
  • Shields (PSP).
  • Flaming Torches (PSP).
  • Wrenches (PSP).
  • Crowbars (PSP)



Behind the scenes[]


Development in a new Indiana Jones video game after The Collective's Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb started in 2004. Planned for Windows, Xbox and PlayStation 2, the game started development internally at LucasArts with several hundred employees at the project development team that got reduced to 25 staff members due to a dramatic restructuring by president Jim Ward, because the game was being developed alongside Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, a Star Wars title concurrently in development. Thus, Peter Hirschmann led the development of the Indy adventure with a group of designers who came up with the story.[1] Receiving input from both Indiana Jones creators George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and inspiration from Raiders of the Lost Ark, a collaboration between the design and management departments of LucasArts opted to create an original story with a few homages to the classic Indy adventures and choosing locations that offered unique gameplay and ambience, permitting players to range from exploring temples to having wild shoot-outs with graverobbers.[2] However, Lucas' participation in the project was limited due to his busy agenda, as he was working Spielberg on the then-untitled Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull concurrently in addition to his World War II epic Red Tails, preferring to give some autonomy to the game's developers.[3] Among the proposed ideas was the Monkey King legend, which was previously considered for the plot of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, or the title character disguising as a magician, but all those ideas were dropped and the LucasArts team led by Tony A. Rowe settled on the Staff of Kings. With the MacGuffin, story, scenarios and locations decided, LucasArts planned to have basically the same story for all versions minus their own, which was slated to have better physics, a more sophistic combat system and more detailed environments to explore. Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings was first announced at E3 2005, around the same time that Star Wars: Republic Commando producer Chris Williams joined the project as its lead so the studio could scale up again.[1]


Staff of Kings promotional image.

One year later, LucasArts would show some footage of the game in action in the first demo for the game at the E3 2006.[1] The first official teaser trailer for Staff of Kings claimed that the game was in development for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms as well, and promoted on the LucasArts website to be the first of the franchise to be made under the direction of Lucas. Also promoted was "Euphoria", an advanced physics engine designed to make objects and characters react in real-time instead of relying on the tradition of preset animations.[4] To achieve so, Rowe's crew had to combine two engines, succeeding at Euphoria's objects working well with Havok even though the two weren't supposed to be together, planning to keep using the two engines in the future, highlighting the new systems by having the level designers come up with three-tiered design structures for each location, allowing players to explore, find clues, resolve puzzles with a bullwhip and objects, provoke chases, fight and talk to NPCs, though the engine could sometimes not work when it came to things like hitting enemies as planned.[1] Industrial Light & Magic even worked for the game in respect to their lightning system.[5] It was also during the E3 2006 presentation that it was revealed that Lucas had given an early version of the screenplay for the fourth Indiana Jones film to the developers for a potential tie-in.[6]

Although LucasArts originally projected to release Staff of Kings in 2007 as "Indiana Jones 2007", the crew felt as the year approached that it would be unlikely for them to release the game in time: external development teams worked in a much more accelerated schedule, everyone was busy with other projects, the team was struggling and had no pressure to rush, with one developer feeling that it was their money "that was burning". Missing the deadline, LucasArts shifted a number of the staff members, like Rowe and Steven Chen, from the Staff of Kings to The Force Unleashed. To replace them, recent SCE Santa Monica Studio newscomers and God of War II level designers Chip Sbrogna and Michael Cheng took over the project, choosing to start from zero instead of taking over from where the previous team left, preferring to use an authored isometric camera over a third-person camera akin to those of the God of War video games, switching from Lua to a new node-based scripting language or tweaking the character skeletons and physics systems implemented, leading the game and its mechanics to drastically change and delay much more despite only having six months as pointed out by Bryan Howell.[1]

Things turned much worse when, in November 2007, the Santa Monica-based video game developer Naughty Dog released Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the first installment of the Uncharted video game series, starring Nathan Drake, a treasure-hunting protagonist not that different to Indiana Jones. The LucasArts team bought a copy of the game and was dismayed at seeing how it accomplished much of what they had been trying to achieve with Staff of Kings, which was highly ironical for the studio according to associate environment artist Brandon Martynowicz, as the team had found funny Naughty Dog's projects until the game was released to critical and economical acclaim. Months later, at the beginning of 2008, Hirschmann and several others were victims of company layoffs and the game suffered contestant leadership changes, with the level designers even coming up with an underwater Panama level prototype inspired by the God of War-style camera system (then sending them to design the other locations) or making an NPC partner that would assist Indy in fights. In spite of those positive progresses, it was too late for Staff of Kings to proceed as originally envisioned.[1] A July 2008 interview with LucasArts by DailyGame dissuaded rumours of the game's cancellation, the LucasArts representative stating that the Indiana Jones PS3 and Xbox 360 game was "very deep into development". The team were "working very actively" to bring the game up to form for public/media consumption, and said that "the game looks great",[7] but rumors came out in January 2009 that the game had been cancelled despite LucasArts claiming that they wouldn't comment on speculation and rumors.[8] In the May 2009 issue of Game Informer, the magazine reported that these versions of the game had been cancelled. While further information was reported as forthcoming, there has been no comment from LucasArts about the cancellation of the games.[9] After consulting with the design team, LucasArts opted to cancel the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions and only release the already finished third-party versions, a decision that, while unpleasant for those who worked in those versions, was understood by several due to not having more time to finish the project. In Howell's words, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings would have been a perfect tribute for the Indiana Jones legacy over the "disappointment" that was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.[1]


Early Staff of Kings promotional image.

In late January 2009, a trailer for the game was released on the Internet, confirming a release date for "June 6, 2009" Nintendo DS, and PlayStation platforms.

On LucasArts' official mini site for the game, it was revealed that a PS2 release was included for release on "June 6, 2009".

In May 2009, LucasArts released a set of Flash-based games on multiple websites as the Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Scavenger Hunt to promote the release of the game. Players could complete mini-games on different sites to unlock exclusive promotional content.[10]

In casting the game's characters, Indiana Jones was voiced by John Armstrong, a Harrison Ford sound-a-like who had also grown up in the Midwest, Chicago area where Ford was raised and had previously voiced Han Solo in Star Wars: Empire at War. LucasArts to film any pick-ups for the character if they needed, like making tutorials for the "press A button" variations. As Jones himself was the only character from the films appearing in the game, LucasArts didn't need to approach any other actors from the franchise and developed new characters.[3]

For the game's soundtrack, John Williams' original Indiana Jones scores were incorporated because the creative team wished to get every player's "heart racing". Music supervisor Jesse Harlin also discovered great music themes from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles television show, so those were also added to the game as well, while composers Gordy Haab and Ray Harman also composed some original music scores of their own that counted with odes to Williams' classic music.[2]

After the game was partially cancelled, most of its creative team was assigned to work on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II for a 2010 release. Some of the project's members would later try to propose some ideas for new Indiana Jones games based on the mistakes they learned while developing Staff of Kings in a similar vein to the Tomb Raider video game Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, but further layoffs at LucasArts brought their efforts to a stop.[1]

Game differences[]

Each version for the Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable and Wii/PlayStation 2 contain significantly different storylines. Because of the several platforms the game was meant to be for, LucasArts wished to use all available features for its respective platform, but anyway intended to use the same overarching story.[2]

The DS version includes Paris instead of Istanbul, while the PSP version includes a level that takes place in Panama in 1922. The Sudan segment is exclusive to the PS2/Wii versions. The PSP version does not contain the Star of the Orient, instead Archie Tan leads Indiana Jones to a place in Downtown Chinatown where he hid the Jade Sphere after the trolley chase.

The PSP version has more puzzle and action adventure game elements than the Wii version. It has several levels where Indy must defend or fight alongside a partner character. The partner character may help solve certain puzzles.

The DS version includes cipher box puzzles (Cipher of Meribah) & other puzzles that take advantage of the DS microphone feature. The ciphers involve moving a ball of water around a maze to an exit to open a box. The last battle and endings of all three versions are different.

The Wii version includes the Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis graphic adventure from 1992 as an extra feature as well as an original co-op mode story. Artificial Mind and Movement came up with this idea, which the LucasArts team found a "great fit" for the console and an easy decision to make.[2] The game's inclusion excited Collins, who was meeting with the A2M employees at Montreal about the game's audio when they expressed their love for Fate of Atlantis.[11]

The PS2 version is the same as the Wii with a different control scheme. It lacks Fate of Atlantis, the co-op mode and all of the other bonus modes like the combat arenas and multiplayer modes along with Glory objectives. The image is clearer on the PS2 due to the lack of bloom but the textures and world are not as detailed with many props missing. The Wii version also features more bugs than the PS2 but some are shared.


Rumors suggested a return of Lao Che from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, including a sign on a wall promoting "Lao Che Cocktails" in the trailer of the game, but Lao himself does not appear in the finished game. Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide was the first source to confirm the game would partly be set in San Francisco's Chinatown area, as hinted in the 2007 trailer, and Panama.[12]

Although it is clear that the game's main enemies are the Nazis, they are only referred to as Germans with all swastikas replaced by the iron cross. The reason behind the change is not publicized but may have been out of consideration for legislation such as Germany's Strafgesetzbuch section 86a which prohibits certain usage of Nazi iconography. Video games were not considered suitable artistic expression under such law in the country until 2018.[13]


The soundtrack for the game incorporates music from several different sources. The majority of the music in the game is taken from the Indiana Jones films composed by John Williams (including an extensive amount of unreleased material from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). The game also features unreleased music from The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones television series composed by Laurence Rosenthal, Joel McNeely, Frédéric Talgorn, Steve Bramson, and Curt Sobel. Additionally, LucasArts hired composers Gordy Haab and Ray Harman to write original music for the game. The original score features 15 tracks composed by Haab (10) and Harman (5), which were available for free download from the composer's websites when the game first launched in 2009.

Different platforms of the game have different soundtracks. The Nintendo DS version only includes music from the Indiana Jones films, and the PSP version features an entirely original score composed by Noel Gabriel.[14]

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