Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur

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Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur is a fan-made script written by Michael Prentice and Steven Frye in 1996. The script was released on the internet the following year, falsely credited to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade writer Jeffrey Boam and claimed to be the script for the fourth Indiana Jones film. The structure of Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur greatly differs from those of the films as flashbacks of Indiana's youth and prologues where Indy does not appear at all are abundant.

Internet hoax Edit

According to Prentice himself, he and Frye wrote the script just for fun, after being already deceived by the first and most famous Indy hoax of the web, Indiana Jones and the Sons of Darkness. In 1997, Prentice was contacted by Greg Felix on the newsgroup, who claimed to have contacts with Steven Spielberg and agreed to send him a copy of the script in order to show it to "somebody who mattered". Felix claimed later that the script had been read and rejected. But in reality, Greg Felix was an alias used by Archer Troy, known to have defrauded other people on the same site and other, and Prentice and Frye were astounded to discover later that copies of their script had been sold and leaked on the Internet under the false credentials that described it as an official work written by Jeffrey Boam.

Plot synopsis Edit

In 1950 Indiana Jones is about to retire from field work. However, he is contacted by another archaeologist and old "very special friend" Arianna Smith and one of his former students, Sebastion Collins. They own half of a medieval book and hope Indy will be able to translate it as well as help them locate the other half, which is said to reveal the location of Excalibur, King Arthur's mythical sword. Not so much later, Indy finds himself trapped in a wider conflict between the modern descendants of the Knights of the Round Table and those of Mordred's followers, in a race to find first the sword that might give control over the world to its new owner.

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