"Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Adventure Pack" is a role-playing adventure released by TSR in 1984 as part of its Adventures of Indiana Jones series. The game is based on the feature film of the same title.

Publisher's summaryEdit

When old Ravenwood told you that archeology was a dirty business, he wasn't just talking about the digs. The dirty streets and alleys of Shanghai can put the salt of sweat on you just as fast as any rock hounding. The company on a dig tends to be quieter, too. In the city, you always have to watch your back.

You're Indiana Jones, an archeologist and an adverturer. You've just returned from a difficult and dangerous expedition to find the lost graveyard of the Chinese emperors. But that's nothing to what you're about to experience when you discover the Temple of Doom!

From Shanghai to India, from a Maharaja's palace to danger-filled caverns, you and your companions will brave unimaginable horrors and incredible dangers to find the terrible secret of the Temple of Doom!

This adventure pack contains Referee notes and player information to recreate the adventure of Indiana Jones and his companions. Included is a poster-size map of the adventure areas illustrated with photographs from the film and an Evidence File with photos and other information for players.

The adventure pack is for use with the ADVENTURE OF INDIANA JONES role-playing game from TSR, Inc. and cannot be played without that game.