Indiana Jones and the Temple of Yearning is a six-page comic book story published in Dark Horse Comics' Free Comic Book Day 2009 issue, released on May 2, 2009. The issue also contained the Star Wars: The Clone Wars story "The Gauntlet of Death".

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

In Thailand, Indiana Jones and his local guide Bhakdi journey to a lost temple that Jones discovered through some old writings. Said to contain the treasures of a King of Chiang Mai, Jones has traveled there a year earlier than planned as he suspects his college intern named Clifford has been spying on his files.

His suspicions are proven correct when Clifford, driven by lust for the treasure, trains a gun on the pair when they confront him. Jones first questions if Clifford has read the warnings not to enter the temple, then taunts that he doesn't know how to do just that. Clifford reveals he has a copy of the secret combination from Jones' translations.

Suddenly Bhakdi grabs the paper from Clifford's hand and the intern is sucker-punched by Jones, grateful for the distraction. Scooping up the gun, and in possession of the combination, Jones is satisfied that Clifford can't enter so he and Bhakdi leave, intending to return the year after as scheduled.

As they depart, Clifford flaunts a second copy of the combination and precedes to make his way into the temple where he is attacked. Bhakdi muses over the possibility of a second copy but Jones considers that the writings seemed certain of the danger regardless of the combination.

In the distance behind them, Clifford flails in the arm of a giant animated statue where his yells are barely audible to Bhakdi.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The date of this adventure is not revealed, though from Jones' appearance, it is likely to take place in the main adventuring days of Professor Jones. References to the country as Thailand (rather than Siam) likely indicate the adventure takes place either between June 1939 and 1945, or after 1949.

The Free Comic Book Day flip cover for the comic includes re-used character art from the cover of Indiana Jones Adventures: Volume 1 of Indiana Jones and Theresa Lawrence.

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