Indiana Jones and the Wrath of Hecate is an original solitaire boardgame featuring the exploits of Indiana Jones, printed in Shadis; The Independent Games Magazine, issue 36. It was based on a request by Steven Marsh, and printed with Lucasfilm and West End Games' "kind permission". It was written by Dan Verssen with Holly Verssen, Rob Vaux and Chris Dornaus. The game contains a detailed narrative interspersed with the several sequences of gameplay including the exploration of a tomb, a chase sequence, and a battle inside of a temple.

Plot summaryEdit

In 1937, Indiana Jones travels to a tomb in Africa in search of a Ceremonial Dagger. Jones later heads to a temple to stop cultists from summoning Hecate.





Vehicles and vesselsEdit


Behind the scenesEdit

The cover art of the magazine featured artwork of Indiana Jones out racing the "Pet Rock from Hell", the picture was printed courtesy of West End Games.

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