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Indiana Jones et la Cité de la Foudre (English: Indiana Jones and the City of Lightning) is a French-language, hardcover comic book by Claude Moliterni and Giancarlo Alessandrini. It was released by Bagheera in 1994.

A second edition (with an alternate cover) was published in Canada for distribution in Shell gas stations which shortened the number of opening pages and moved its setting from 1933 to 1930.

Publisher's summary[]

Original French[]

Les Indes, mystérieuses ? Elles le sont. Indiana Jones va le découvrir à ses dépens, en se trouvant confronté à la terrible secte des Thugs, en plein cour de la Cité de la Foudre, perdue au plus profond de la jungle ou règne Kali, la déesse de la mort.

English translation[]

The Indies, mysterious? They are. Indiana Jones will find out the hard way, finding himself confronted with the terrible sect of Thugs, in the heart of the City of Lightning, lost in the depths of the jungle where Kali, the goddess of death reigns.




  • Kali ruby




Behind the scenes[]

Indiana Jones et la Cité de la Foudre and its preceding volume Indiana Jones et le Secret de la Pyramide – both written and drawn by the same creative pairing – having a character named Captain Blake and Professor Mortimer, respectively, may be an in-joke: Blake and Mortimer is a well-known bande dessinée series among native French speakers. The final book of the Bagheera trilogy of stories, Indiana Jones et le Grimoire Maudit includes a character called Jacobs, a surname shared with Edgar P. Jacobs, the creator of Blake and Mortimer.

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