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"Nobody told INDIANA JONES the rules. And no one will tell you."

Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom is a game released in 1984 for the Commodore 64 and the first video game released that didn't adapt one of the movies. It was created by Michael J. Hansen.

Plot summary[]

Indiana Jones enters the unmapped castle of a lost jungle kingdom seeking to overcome the six trials that will lead him to an artifact which will unlock the mysteries of the civilization that once lived there.





Behind the scenes[]

Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom does not specify when it is set but the presence of Ivar Reiss, who dies in The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones comic "Good as Gold"—his first appearance—would suggest that the game takes place during or prior to 1936. The context of the Marvel comic story, however, implies that Reiss and Indiana Jones are meeting for the first time which runs counter to the game's assertion that the former is the archaeologist's "archrival".

Some online sites have Ivar Reiss named in Lost Kingdom as Erik Peters, or Peter, instead. With the title long since off-market, it's unclear whether or not this difference is through a different edition of the game or an unofficial modification.

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