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Indiana Jones und die Gefiederte Schlange (English: Indiana Jones and the Feathered Serpent) is a German novel written by Wolfgang Hohlbein, his first in the series of original Indiana Jones novels published by Goldmann Verlag.

Publisher's summary[]

Original German[]

Am Fuße der Anden sucht Indiana Jones nach seinem verschollenen Freund, einem amerikanischen Geologen. Schließlich findet er ihn in einem winzigen Dorf bei merkwürdigen Indios, doch der Freund ist schwer krank und stirbt bald darauf in Indianas Armen. Als Talisman schenkt er Indiana ein seltsam geformtes goldenes Amulett— die »Gefiederte Schlange«. Von einem ehemaligen Studienkollegen erfährt Indiana, daß dieser Anhänger zum rituellen Schmuck den Oberpriesters der Maya gehört und seinem Träger gewaltige magische Kräfte verleihen kann. Doch das Amulett bringt Indiana Jones kein Glück; Plötzlich heften sich einige Indios an seine Fersen, die zu allem entschlossen scheinen, um den Anhänger in ihren Besitz zu bekommen...

English translation[]

At the foot of the Andes, Indiana Jones looks for his missing friend, an American geologist. Finally he finds him in a tiny village of strange Indians, but the friend is seriously ill and dies soon thereafter in Indiana's arms. He gives Indiana a talisman, a strangely formed golden amulet—the "Feathered Serpent." From a former classmate Indiana learns that this bejeweled object played a key role in the rituals of Mayan priests, and is said to bestow magical powers on its owner. But the amulet does not bring Indiana Jones any luck; suddenly some Indians are hot on his heels, willing to do anything to get their hands on the object... summary[]

Indiana Jones travels to South America looking for an American geologist who's gone missing. Locating him in a tiny village at the foot of the Andes that's surrounded by strange natives, the geologist gives Indy a golden talisman -- the Feathered Serpent -- before dying from illness. Indy learns that the Feathered Serpent belongs to the Mayan High Priest, and is reputed to bestow its owner with tremendous magical powers. On the run from a hostile tribe who wants the talisman back, Indy must escape before the natives -- or the talisman -- do him in!




  • Feathered Serpent


  • Cat
  • Cow (Mentioned only)
  • Dog (Mentioned only)
  • Pig (Mentioned only)
  • Snake
    • Green mamba
    • Python (Mentioned only)
    • Slowworm (Mentioned only)



  • Stone Age (Mentioned only)


Organizations and titles[]

  • Marten, Marten, Marten, & Marten
  • United States Navy

Vehicles and vessels[]

  • Cessna
  • Mayflower (Model)
  • Santa Roga (Mentioned only)
  • USS Saratoga


  • Curare
  • Ophidophobia
  • Poker

Behind the scenes[]

The summary of Indiana Jones und die Gefiederte Schlange on the back of the book bears little resemblance to the story within. Indiana Jones does indeed spend much of his time chased by an indigenous tribe after being given an amulet by a dying man but South America doesn't appear in the book let alone the Andes specifically and the dying man is Jones's friend, implied to be an archaeologist (or anthropologist) not a geologist, who asks Jones to track down his daughter who is not missing, simply hard to find. He is killed by wounds suffered while shielding Jones from a volcanic blast during an expedition in Mexico that Jones was invited to.

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