Raiders Whip

Indiana Jones is famous for his trusty bullwhip. A long strip of leather, Indy has used it hundreds of times throughout his adventures. The first time Indy ever used a whip was when he was trying to drive off the lion in the opening scene in the last crusade. It can be used for pulling levers, swinging over chasms, or simply smacking a Nazi across the cheek. One of the most memorable scenes with Indy using his whip is when he uses it to swing across the pit in the Temple Of The Chachapoyan Warriors. It takes a great deal of skill to use a whip, as it has a tendency to snap the wrong way, resulting in an inexperienced wielder beating himself half to death.

Whip History

David Morgan is credited with creating the whips used in the trilogy. Over thirty whips were supplied for the films, ranging from 6 feet to 16 feet. The most commonly used whip in the film was the 10 foot one, with the others being used for stunts. The whips were from David Morgan's 451 series, and hand braded with a kangaroo overlay.

Christies whip

Whip Auctioned Off at Christies in Sept. 2001

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