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The Institute of Aryan Culture was a German institute that sought to advance the Nazi ideology.

In 1938, a large book-burning rally was held outside the Institute's building in Berlin. As Nazi troops marched past the columned entrance plaza, under the gaze of top Nazi officials, including Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler. Elsa Schneider was also present among the dignitaries, having been summoned to the event from Castle Brunwald by a telegram. While troops marched by, Nazi supporters threw vast quantities of ideologically-incompatible books into a large bonfire. Indiana Jones infiltrated the rally, secured his father's Grail Diary from Schneider, and escaped after a close brush with the Fuhrer.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The filming location for the book-burning rally is the Stowe School in Buckinghamshire, England.[2]

In a longer version of the rally scene cut from the final version of the film, the rally is seen being filmed by a female cinematographer, based on Leni Riefenstahl.



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