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Instruments of Chaos starring Young Indiana Jones is a game for the Sega Genesis. While based on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, the plot is original. As a spy during the latter half of World War I, Indiana Jones is sent across the globe to intercept and stop German agents acquiring technology from different countries to reinforce the German war machine.

Publisher's summary[]

The Germans are building the ultimate doomsday machine -- and only Young Indiana Jones can intercept the plans.
Manuever Young Indiana Jones through a hotbed of hoodlums. Blast your way through the opposition with your grenades. Fire your pistol at menacing Indian street thugs. The enemies keep coming!
Use your amazing bullwhip to find the secret entrance to the sacred temple. Leap onto the back of a charging elephant. Climb the cables of London's towering Tower Bridge. This action's instense!
Fire up for adrenalized adventures in the bazaars of India, the sands of Egypt, the mountains of Tibet, and more frighteningly realistic locations.

Plot summary[]

During World War I, spy Indiana Jones is contacted by an agent who explains that the French have intercepted several short-wave radio transmissions from Germany indicating that German spies were dispatched to buy the finest military weapons technologies from scientists around the world.

Indy is sent to contact points in four different countries in order to block the technology sales and neutralize the German agent. Cheng notifies Indy to journey to a temple in Lhasa and stop a Tibetan scientist from supplying the enemy with their mustard gas device. Habib calls Indy to Cairo because the German agent sought to buy their advanced Gatling gun in the basement of a pyramid.

The zeppelin is destroyed.

After being notified by Ian, Indy traversed Tower Bridge in London and stopped the enemy from acquiring the flame-thrower technology through a treacherous English scientist inside Big Ben, while Ali told Indy to stop the spy from taking the ball-bearing bomb inside the dungeons of a temple near a Bombay marketplace.

With all the deals prevented, Klaus, a German double agent, instructs Indy to infiltrate and destroy a prototype zeppelin in Berlin. Jones is successful, and production of the zeppelin is crippled.





  • Advanced Gatling gun
  • Ball-bearing bomb
  • Bullwhip
  • Flame-thrower technology
  • Grenade
  • Gun
  • Mustard gas device


Behind the scenes[]

The order sequence of the first four missions is the choice of the player before the final assignment in Germany is unlocked.

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Instruments of Chaos starring Young Indiana Jones