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The Interactive Timeline is a 2007 DVD-ROM feature included on the three interactive bonus discs of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones DVD box sets: The Early Years, The War Years and The Years of Change. Unlike the other bonus features which are unique to each set, the Interactive Timeline is the same across the three DVD volumes.

The Interactive Timeline presents Indiana Jones' journal alongside an interactive world atlas covering real-world historical events from 1899 to 1925 (as well as Indiana Jones' birthday).

Publisher's summary[]

This feature allows for the exploration of the early 20th century through multiple means. By flipping through the pages of Young Indy's diary, you can see photos, sketches and notes written by Jones from throughout all his adventures. A timeline and map tracks major historical events around the globe, while an index provides previews of all the documentaries from all three volumes.

DVD-ROM minimum system requirements[]

  • PC: Windows 2000 (SP1) with Pentium 4 processor, 1 GB RAM, 150 MB hard disk space, 64 MB video card, 16 bit sound card, & DVD-ROM drive
  • Mac: OS X Version 10.3.9+, G4, 1 GB RAM, & 150 MB hard drive space






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