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Iran (once known as Persia) is a country in the Middle East.

Adventures in Iran[]

Around 1909, Muhammad Ali al-Jawf traveled to Qom to study a Persian manuscript and when he found a verse regarding the Holy Grail, he sent a translated copy to Henry Walton Jones, Senior.[1]

Abner Ravenwood researched clues to location of the Ark of the Covenant in several countries, including Iran, before he and his daughter, Marion settled in Nepal by 1925.[2]

It was while working for the Louvre that René Emile Belloq was accused of financing a grave robbing expedition in Iran that saw the deaths of several the museum's employees, including Belloq's assistants, as well as an archaeologist from the British Museum. The incident cost Belloq his job as assistant curator.[3]

In 1932, the "unknown archaeologist" traveled through Iran cataloging the world's artifacts.[4]

Indiana Jones and Alec Sutherland traveled to Iran in 1936 where they encountered a sorcerer at the Tower of Tears north of Yezd.[5]



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