"Ireland, April 1916" is the eighteenth episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, and the twelfth episode in season two. The episode originally aired on ABC on June 12, 1993. For home video, it was paired up with "London, May 1916" to become Love's Sweet Song.

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In April 1916, Indiana Jones and Remy Baudouin travelled to Ireland, on their way from the port of Veracruz, Mexico to London. Disembarking at the port of Queenstown they hitchhiked through the countryside to Dublin. There they found work in a pub so that they could earn enough to buy passage to London. At the pub Indy met playwright Sean O'Casey, who showed him Irish theater and spoke of a socialist revolution for Ireland. Jones pursued the affections of the Maggie Lemass but could not understand the Fenian politics of her brother Sean Lemass. After witnessing the Easter Rebellion, an Irish attempt toward freeing itself of British rule and seeing Sean imprisoned, Indy and Remy leave for London to enlist in the war.

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