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"I want to know everything!"
―Irina Spalko[src]

Polkovnik Dr Irina Spalko (Russian: Ирина Спалько; Ukrainian: Ірина Спалко) served in the Soviet Army as a military scientist – Joseph Stalin's favorite – and a senior officer up to the rank of Colonel. She was also a KGB agent, a psychic, as well as a very skilled fencer and combatant during the Cold War. Born with apparent psychic powers which led her to be ostracized in her early life, Spalko was consumed with the desire to discover why she was different.

In 1957, as part of her mandate to acquire artifacts with the potential for paranormal military application, Spalko led a team with Siberian Colonel Antonin Dovchenko to find the mysterious Crystal Skull of Akator with which to brainwash and manipulate the minds of American forces, giving the Soviets a tactical advantage in the Cold War.

In order to accomplish her goals, Spalko captured American archaeologist Indiana Jones and his loved ones, but ultimately her thirst for knowledge sealed her fate. While demanding to know "everything" from the lost city's otherworldly hive mind at the Temple of Akator, Spalko was seemingly disintegrated.


Early life[]

Irina Spalko was born on May 26, 1921 in Kazan.[1] She was raised in a small mountain village in the eastern regions of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. When her apparent psychic powers began to manifest themselves, the superstitious villagers shunned Irina, called her a witch and worse. Her family was ostracized. Left to herself, Irina gradually became consumed by a personal quest that would fuel her from then to the last day of her life. Then, as she grew older and more curious, her dissecting of small animals - her innocent attempt to understand life and biology - caused even her own mother to fear her. As soon as she was old enough, Spalko fled the village and mountains altogether[2] forever[3], certain that the answers she sought could only be found in the wider world.[2]

Her singular quest took her far and wide; she studied with master yogis and trained with the best parapsychologists. She learned techniques developed by Nepalese monks to control her heart rate, her breathing and her body temperature. She studied classical fencing and became expert with the rapier, the saber and the foil.[2] Spalko also went to believe that contrary to what many thought, telepathy already existed in lesser developed forms such as the bond between a mother with her child, a theory she would eventually prove during her career.[4]

Eventually, Spalko obtained a doctorate and joined the Soviet secret police which would become the KGB.[2][5] United States of America intelligence members, such as General Robert Ross, became aware of her activities as early as 1951, with all available information of Spalko being supplied by the Department of Counterintelligence Lieutenant Colonel McGuinness in a government dossier.[6] By contrast, Spalko was regarded as a national hero by her own nation.[4] Believing that telepathy already existed in lesser developed forms such as the bond between a mother with her child, Spalko proved her point to her nation by testing rabbits, killing the offspring and seeing how the mothers would react upon learning of their offspring's deaths despite being miles away.[4]

As part of the KGB's Science and Technology Directorate, Spalko participated in numerous experiments in ESP, telepathy and telekinesis - potentialities that the Soviet Union generally took more seriously than the West. In one such experiment, a mother rabbit's newborn litter was placed aboard a submarine, which was then submerged. The mother remained onshore, her EEG readings carefully monitored, while beneath the surface of the water, inside the submarine, the young rabbits were killed one by one. As each one was slain, the mother's readings registered a reaction at the exact instant of each death. The experiment verified what Spalko already instinctively knew: that there was a tangible psychic link between living beings.[2]

Joseph Stalin himself was so impressed by her that he personally recruited her for his dream project to gain advantage during the Cold War: psychic warfare research,[7] which they could use to achieve Soviet domination by harnessing the legendary Crystal Skull of Akator.[8] Spalko's superior dreamed with opening a new frontier in that field through the crystal skull, deeming it a mind weapon, but Stalin passed away in 1953 before that could come to be.[9] Meanwhile, Spalko was awarded the Order of Lenin, the highest decoration in the Soviet Union, three times for outstanding services rendered to the State[7] and the honorary title of Hero of Socialist Labor for exceptional achievements in the national economy and culture.[2]

Hunt for the Crystal Skull[]

"You are a hard man to read, Dr. Jones."
―Irina Spalko[src]

Spalko in Hangar 51.

In 1957, Irina Spalko became interested in the legends surrounding the lost kingdom of Akator and, especially, the mysterious Crystal Skull[1] that Stalin had always coveted for his psychic goals.[9] She interpreted the stories as meaning that if she were to return the Skull to the Temple of the Gods, she would be rewarded with all the power and knowledge of the universe. Spalko also saw this as the opportunity she had been waiting for; a chance to discover the meaning behind her strange gifts.[1] Willing to fulfill her late mentor's dreams, Spalko approached the Soviet Union leader Nikita Khrushchev, the newest Soviet premier and Stalin's successor, about authorizing a mission to find the Crystal Skull. Though Khrushchev didn't hold Spalko with the same regard as Stalin and wasn't interested in psychism to the extent of his predecessor, the new Soviet leader gave her his blessing, Spalko confident that the Skull would change Krushchev's mind.[9]

As it were, a few years prior two unearthly spacecraft had crashed in Russia, the beings inside killed from the impact. These creatures shared a very peculiar trait: skeletons made of a magnetic, psychically-supercharged crystal, with abnormally long skulls and massive eye sockets. Both were examined and given autopsies by Soviet scientists, and Spalko was a member of the team that studied the bodies.[1]

Somehow, Spalko learned that a third craft had also crashed onto Earth, but in Roswell, New Mexico at the United States of America. She knew that this third traveler was the key to understanding these beings. First, she sent Colonel Antonin Dovchenko to capture archaeologist Indiana Jones and his British partner (actually a Soviet spy) George McHale, who were looking for Mayan artifacts in the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico.[1]

Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Junior had been one of the men that had been invited to examine the Roswell spacecraft, so Spalko was determined to get his help in finding the creature's mummified remains, known to have been locked within a crate inside Hangar 51. The two were drugged and locked inside the trunk of a car, and were brought all the way from their excavation in Mexico to Nevada. On Antonin Dovchenko's orders, her men slaughtered the American soldiers standing guard at the hangar's gate, resulting in the deaths of Sergeant Jimmy Wycroft and his men when they tried to tell Dovchenko and his men that they couldn't be there. Once the Russian convoy arrived at the warehouse, Jones and Mac were hauled out. Spalko delayed showing herself, allowing Dovchenko to question Jones first; when the adventurer responded with an insult, the annoyed Colonel backhanded the man. He was about to toss another blow, when Irina stepped out of her vehicle, dramatically ordering her second-in-command to halt.[1]

Walking up to Jones, Spalko casually bantered with him, and attempted to get answers from the man by calmly outlining her demands. Amused at Jones sarcastic attitude, she then tried to break into the Professor’s mind, to forcefully take the information she sought. She failed after much concentration, but was very impressed at his iron will. Dryly remarking about the expression “the old-fashioned way,” she had the warehouse doors open.[1]

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Indy, Mac, Spalko, Dovchenko and soldiers in Hangar 51

Spalko searches for the misterious crate in Hangar 51.

Inside, the Colonel-Doctor gave Jones a choice: to either help them locate the crate they were after, or they would kill him and his friend McHale. Falling for the Soviet's bluff, Indiana agreed, and demanded gunpowder. Spalko was confused at this, and grew impatient with Jones' ambiguous actions. Using the metal in the air to find the crate, the group was able to remove the wooden box and open the metal container within. Spalko approached the 'coffin', and her sword instantly sprang up, locking with the magnetic pull of the remains within the box.[1]

Handing her scabbard to one of her men before personally examining the mutilated corpse, Irina was about to unwrap the mummy within when Jones attempted a desperate hostage situation, pointing a gun at Spalko and threatening to kill her if her forces did not stand down. With amusement, she watched as McHale revealed his true allegiances, but was surprised when Jones created a diversion with his discarded weapon to escape into the sea of endless crates.[1]

Ordering her men after Jones, Spalko commandeered a vehicle, carrying the valuable crate, to escape the hangar, most likely because she predicted Indiana would try to recapture the metal box. Jones was able to take over an escorting car, and began ramming Spalko's bumper. The American leaped onto her car into the seat beside her, and they briefly tangled as the car sped toward a wall of crates. Spalko was able to abandon ship before the vehicle impacted, safely landing in a pile of hay from smashed crates.[1]

As Jones fled with Dovchenko in pursuit, Spalko ordered her soldiers to not let Jones leave alive and block all exists, sending McHale and a few of her men to follow the two, who then fell through a skylight and into a laboratory beneath. During Jones and Dovchenko's struggle, they accidentally activated a prototype rocket sled that incinerated her backup group, with only McHale ducking for cover. She soon pulled up in a car, letting Mac inside, and applauded the man for his actions.[1]

Spalko and her team then fled from the installation, as the American military arrived to investigate the break-in. She was aware that a nuclear detonation test was to take place that morning, and did not tell this to the three men she had chasing Jones, who had wandered across the fake demolition town full of mannequins. The bomb detonated minutes later, and Spalko believed this to be the end of her short-but-memorable relationship with Indiana Jones.[1]

As it turned out, through sheer luck and ingenuity, Jones had survived by locking himself within a lead-lined fridge, tossed many miles into the air and landing safely back to earth, saved by the lead that shielded the radiation while in the other hand, Spalko's men were vaporized. Indiana was still out there, so now Spalko’s intentions were exposed to the FBI.[1]

The KGB eventually got wind of Jones' survival and sent two agents of the KGB to abduct him while he was meeting with Mutt Williams, a greaser youngster who desired Indy's help to find his missing father. However, thanks to the wits of both Jones and his associate, Spalko's men ended up causing a chase through the Marshall College campus during an anti-Red Scare rally against Khrushchev that ended with them crashing against the memorial statue of the late Dean of Students Marcus Brody, allowing Jones and Williams to make their getaway with the ensuing commotion.[1]


In fact, in the South American jungle, Spalko had arranged for Jones' former lover Marion Ravenwood and his former colleague Harold Oxley to be captured and held prisoner. The intent of this was to lure Jones to Nazca, Peru in search of his two friends, so that Spalko could recapture the troublesome American. As part of this, she did nothing when Ravenwood secretly sent a letter to her son, Mutt Williams, urging the boy to seek out Jones' help. This would allow her spies in America to capture not just Jones but also the boy and a valuable piece of information included in the note: information vital to Spalko's goal.[1]

Jones and Williams arrived in Peru and uncovered Francisco de Orellana's tomb at the Chauchilla Cemetery, retrieving the Crystal Skull of Akator from Orellana's final resting place. However, Spalko's associates tracked them down there and captured them. Some days later, Jones and Williams were being held prisoners at the Soviet jungle camp Spalko's men set on Ilha Aramacá, Brazil as they approached their destination. It was during Jones' stay there that Spalko told him about the truth behind the Roswell remains and the Soviet Union's intentions for the Crystal Skull. Realizing that Indy wasn't willing to cooperate upon him finding out that the Soviets had Oxley under their custody and Oxley had lost his mind, Spalko threatened Mutt's life, but Jones remained undeterred, so with few other options, Spalko ended up reuniting Jones with Marion Ravenwood (now "Mary" Williams) who, as they tried to flee from the South American jungles, revealed that Mutt was actually her and Jones' biological son.[1]

Gaz 69

Spalko during the Jungle Chase.

Spalko and her soldiers pursued the escaping Jones, Williams, Ravenwood and Oxley, catching them after they were hold back by a quicksand. The following day, the Soviets took their Jungle Cutter to find Akator within the Amazonian forests, with Spalko leading the expedition from her GAZ 69 driven by her driver and accompanied by McHale and Oxley.[1] During the trek to Akator, Spalko confided to Mac her wishes to understand why the Crystal Skull chose to communicate with Indy rather than her, leading Mac to offer his skeptical explanation of the skull's powers, though that didn't really convince Irina due to her knowledge of already-existing telepathy between figures such as a mother with a child and how the Soviet Union's telepathy experiments with animals helped her to understand the concept's nature, unnerving McHale.[4] However, Jones and his party soon found a way out of their predicament and started disrupting the journey in their attempts to take the Crystal Skull back. Standing on two vehicles moving side-by-side through the jungle, Spalko drew her notorious rapier and dueled with Mutt Williams, who had had some earlier fencing lessons at prep school. Towards the end of the chase, Spalko cornered Jones and his friends close to a cliff's edge with the intentions to knock them off the road to their deaths, but Williams brought with himself a primate army that led several monkeys to interfere in her attempts to get rid of Jones, irritating her and her driver.[1]

Eventually, both vehicles crashed into a mountain-like sandy structures, and once recovered, Spalko pointed at Jones and his friends with her gun. However, an ant suddenly appeared on her armed hand and bite it, leading Spalko to crush it, but several more ants started coming out from behind the vehicle's brakes, leading Jones to conclude that they had landed on deadly siafu anthills. Spalko and her driver ran away and she ordered her surviving men to still go after Jones, though the siafu hordes quickly claimed her driver as she ran away for safety. Using a liana, Spalko got safe and didn't succumb to her driver's and later Dovchenko's fate as she witnessed, but the siafu weren't mindless, so they started trying to reach her with little success until a truck full of her men arrived to the rescue, who then proceeded to start rappelling down the cliff while using the truck as an anchor to escape from the ants. To avoid certain death, Ravenwood then drove her vehicle into the Sono River where she, Williams, Jones, Oxley and George McHale survived three waterfalls, arriving by water to the Temple of Akator, but not before sending a tree like a catapult against the cliff, knocking three of Spalko's men, specifically Black, Chase and Grant, off to their dooms.[1]

As Spalko discretely followed them, Jones and his band reached the Temple of Akator, they were ambushed by the Ugha natives who Oxley repelled with the Crystal Skull, entering the Temple.[1] When Spalko and her men arrived, they were received aggressively, with the Ugha killing some of her remaining soldiers, but she ultimately brought them down with machine gun fire, forcing the few surviving Ugha to retreat[2] while Spalko walked around the corpses of their fallen warriors en route to the Temple.[1]

Inside the Temple were found the skeletons of thirteen crystal interdimensional beings, one of them being headless. Upon Spalko's arrival, she joined the skull to the headless skeleton, which, through Oxley, started to speak in the Mayan language, saying it would give them them a great gift. Spalko demanded to know everything and the thirteen skeletons started firing knowledge out of their skulls into her eyes. The Temple started to collapse, opening a portal in the ceiling which pulled in what was left of Spalko's forces and Mac, though she remained oblivious to their fates, instead demanding more and more knowledge. Assuming the worst, Jones' band managed to escape from the Temple[1] as Spalko watched at things like galaxies being born out of dust and dying in fiery collapses of blackness and how the painful process of birth brought one out of life's darkness.[2] Meanwhile, the crystal skeletons merged together to form an individual living entity right before Spalko, who had gotten more than what she desired and started to fruitlessly plead for the experience to end, a request the entity, apparently angry at her, ignored.[1] She had asked for a gift, so the interdimensional being was giving it to her, whether she should have had it or not, and given how Spalko had been seeking forbidden knowledge like many others before her, she didn't deserve it.[4] As the bones of her skull splintered with the interdimensional being's eyes locked into hers raged with the fire of a thousand suns, Spalko realized how this enlightenment was no gift, but a "dagger" the being was using to destroy her.[1]


Spalko's eyes burn out.

In her final moments, Spalko painfully felt how her brain transformed into pure crystal with a final blast as the interdimensional beings granted her request for knowlege all but the very last thing she ever perceived with the flowing light she was receiving, even with no eyes and burning bones, was a terrifying glimpse of the churning cauldron of dark energy, impossible dimensions and the nothingness that awaited for her.[2] The continuous stream of knowledge overwhelmed her and, hot fire erupting from her hollowed eye sockets, Irina Spalko disintegrated as she screamed in horror, leaving nothing but her boots behind.[1] Her essence was transported to another dimension,[10] through the portal above her, which revealed itself to be part of an enormous flying saucer.[1]


Once Indiana Jones and his party made it back to the USA, Mutt, Marion and Oxley, whose sanity had been restored, provided their accounts of Indy's claims about Spalko's involvement in the situation that made the FBI mistake him for a secret Communist, which corraborated with the American government's investigation on Spalko's activities, allowing Jones' name to be cleared up and his job at Marshall reinstated with a promotion.[4]

In the early 21st century, before its eventual publishing, Indy's journal was circulated by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation to intelligence agents from North Korea, China and Cuba. Spalko was, along with Igor Barkov and Elvira Kandinsky, listed by Russian operatives as one of the three known KGB agents with whom Jones had interacted, yet her status was reported as unknown.[11]

Personality and traits[]

"COLONEL DOCTOR SPALKO is a master of edged weapons and has a fierce temper. She is extremely dangerous."

Irina Spalko and Indiana Jones, two rivals during the search of Akator.

Irina Spalko was a dominatrix, completely devoted to her goals. She possessed a thick Ukrainian accent and always carried a rapier,[1] which was as sharp as her mind[12] and an ideal weapon for her due to her mastery over it.[11] She was highly skilled in fencing (a skill that won the admiration of Colonel Antonin Dovchenko),[1] having the belief that to win a fight in a difficult scenario the swordsman had to have balance and not force or skill,[4] as well as martial arts. Spalko was not above using her gender to take advantage of male opponents, an example being when, during a duel, her chest became partially exposed, catching the eye of young Mutt Williams. She used the distraction to attack the boy. Irina was stunningly beautiful, but with cold impassioned eyes[1] and a single-minded and imposing presence.[12] Spalko would also wear a large set of sunglasses, enhancing her intimidating appearance. She displayed a very determined devotion to her job and country, and was seemingly a genuine patriot. Spalko wore black leather boots and occasionally gloves. She was usually dressed in a gray military uniform, perhaps too proud to display her allegiance to the Soviet Union. Her weapon of choice was a rapier. Spalko was an infamous leader, with a cruel disregard for innocent casualties and harboring a secret, selfish motivation. However, she did all this in the name of her country, and not out of pure maliciousness. As a soldier, she did only what was needed to complete the mission at hand.[1]

Though tenacious and vicious,[11] Irina held a surprising degree of respect for the American archaeologist Indiana Jones, admiring his deductive abilities and was intrigued by the fact that she was unable to read the professor's mind. She gave an unconventional amount of leeway with Jones during his investigations, albeit reluctantly, on her behalf. She treated the adventurer as an equal, and it is quite possible that, had they not been on opposite sides of the moral and political board, they would have made a fine team. She even allowed Indiana to know of her ultimate plan, a rather foolish thing to share with an enemy. Spalko was, however, jealous of the fact that the Crystal Skull of Akator was willing to communicate with Jones and not her.[1] On his part, Jones found Spalko unpredictable and puzzling, not understanding her obsession with the Crystal Skull of Akator when he had abandoned the search for that artifact long ago,[12] and someone who anyone interested to make any dealings with had to employ great caution for.[11]

Spalko suffered a degree of self-doubt and the desire to find her purpose in the world. She was a firm believer in fate and destiny, and was deeply fascinated by the legend of Akator. She believed the quest to be the culmination of her life-long search for the answer she sought: why was she here, and what was her role in the greater scheme of things?[1] She self-admitted that her greatest advantage was her mysterious ability to "know things" in a way that she could surprise and disarm her enemies by unveiling their most deeply held secrets, possessing an unquenchable desire for knowledge that eventually does nothing but bring her to a painful end,[12] resulting in her ironic demise thanks to the things she coveted to learn from.[1]

Among her men, Spalko was a figure to be feared and respected.[1] Her lackeys were mistrustful of her mental powers, and often referred to her as witch, as she had been called in her childhood.[2] Her authority was so great it was enough to make Dovchenko, who was preparing to give Doctor Jones a severe beating, halt in his tracks.[1] Like Indy's previous rival René Emile Belloq, Spalko lacked humility[12] and preferred to use violence against her rivals to achieve her goals, allowing Indy to quickly deduce that Spalko wasn't an archaeologist.[9]

Behind the scenes[]

Irina Spalko was portrayed by Cate Blanchett in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.[1] Blanchett had wanted to play a villain for a "couple of years" before being cast and admitted to having a desire to be like Indiana Jones in her school years, accepting the role immediately upon being offered, having been director Steven Spielberg's first choice for the role,[13] with George Lucas approving Blanchett's casting and "bowing down" to Spielberg's wishes, even meeting up with Blanchett at the Academy Awards to inform her that she would work with him.[14] She was honored to be a part of the Indiana Jones legacy[15] and Spalko ended up becoming Spielberg's favorite villain of the series.[16]

Although the character was created by Kingdom of the Crystal Skull writer David Koepp,[17] Spalko seems to be developed from Peter Belasko, a character from Frank Darabont's unmade Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods script, one of the many that were considered for the fourth Indiana Jones film. Like Spalko, Belasko was the primary antagonist of the story and demanded that the interdimensional beings give him universal knowledge as a gift, resulting in his death. Belasko's brain is melted in the process, killing him.[18]

Spalko's death is more explicit in the Crystal Skull shooting script. In this version of the story, after Spalko's eyes burst in flame, what was left of them drips down her face, and her lifeless body collapses to the ground leaving two oversized, black and hollow eye sockets matching those of corpses outside the throne room (an element cut from the final film but retained in some of the adaptations).[19]

Spalko's sword duel with Mutt Williams was originally intended to take place in a genuine virgin jungle without any sign of modern civilization's presence, in order to evoke the feeling of a never-before-explored area of the world. Due to the impracticality of filming such an elaborate action sequence through an unaltered jungle, which could endanger the cast and the crew, the chase was instead filmed in the jungles of Hawaii, substituting for the Amazon, on previously paved roads. CGI virgin jungle was later added digitally.

During the siafu attack in Crystal Skull an idea was considered in which Spalko was wounded by the ants leaving her scarred down one side of her face. According to artist Miles Teves, who was an illustrator on the film and produced three different designs of Spalko's injury, both Blanchett and Spielberg liked the idea but it ultimately went unused.[20][21]

Producer Frank Marshall said that Spalko continued the tradition of Indiana Jones having a love-hate relationship "with every woman he ever comes in contact with".[22] Spalko was modeled on Marlene Dietrich, while her bob cut was Blanchett's idea and was inspired by Louise Brooks, with the character's stern looks and behavior reminiscent of Lotte Lenya's Rosa Klebb character from Terence Young's 1963 James Bond film From Russia with Love.[23] Shia LaBeouf, the actor who portrayed Mutt Williams in the film, recalled that Blanchett was elusive on set and Harrison Ford was surprised when he met her on set out of costume. Ford noted, "There's no aspect of her behavior that was not consistent with this bizarre person she's playing".[24]

Spalko's psychic abilities are actually inspired by the real-life Soviet interest in psychic warfare during the 1950s. Joseph Stalin was a strong supporter of this concept, similar to how Adolf Hitler, as depicted in the franchise, was determined to exploit religious artifacts for their paranormal powers. When Lucas learned of Stalin's interest in physic warfare, he decided to use the Soviets as the fourth film's main villains, in part because he didn't want to use ex-Nazis as villains for the film. Director Steven Spielberg had decided that he could no longer depict the Nazis as he had before making his 1993 epic historical drama Schindler's List,[25] although they did have a minor presence in Darabont's first draft of his City of the Gods script.[26]

In the TV special LEGO Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Brick, Spalko's mission is changed from that of the film. Instead of taking the Crystal Skull to Akator, her mission is to take the Skull from Akator, which Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams also have planned. After Indy and Mutt manage to make Spalko hit her Jungle Cutter against the entrance of Akator, leaving it out of action temporarily, they advance and enter the temple. Once there, Spalko appears and engages in a sword fight with Williams, which ends with Spalko falling through a hole to an unknown fate while Jones and Williams escape from the ruined temple.[27] This fate for Spalko was also depicted in the LEGO Indiana Jones commercials for the sets based on Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.[28]

In LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, Spalko gets the power she wants. She becomes so intelligent that she can control objects with her mind and shoot destructive mental rays from her eyes. However, she ends up being defeated by Indy and Marion Ravenwood, causing her power to overtake her and make her body explode, sending her remains into the portal of the interdimensional beings. In the portable versions of the game, Spalko battles Indy and Harold Oxley shooting them with her pistol from afar until the two succeed in making the crystal skeletons use their mental ability to raise her upwards. However, after this event, Spalko's ultimate fate is left ambiguous.[29]


Non-canon appearances[]


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