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"The knights of the First Crusade laid siege to the city of Alexandretta for over a year. The entire city was destroyed. The present city of Iskenderun is built on its ruins."
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Iskenderun is a city in Hatay, now a province of modern-day Turkey, along the south coast of the Mediterranean, near the border with Syria. In ancient times, the city of Alexandretta (built by and named for Alexander the Great) was located on the same site, near the pass to Syria. The city was part of the Ottoman Empire, until its collapse after World War I, then was part of the French-controlled Syria before being part of the short-lived Republic of Hatay, which joined Turkey in 1939.


"Alexandretta! Of course! On the pilgrim trail from the Eastern Empire."
―Henry Jones[src]

During the Crusades, three Knights of the First Crusade discovered the Holy Grail and stayed with it in the Temple of the Sun. When two of the knights left for Europe, they left behind two markers that led to the Grail's location, listing Alexandretta as the starting point.[1]

In 1938, after discovering the second marker in Venice, Indiana Jones sent Marcus Brody ahead to Iskenderun to meet up with Sallah and start the search for the Holy Grail while Jones went with Elsa Schneider to rescue Henry Jones, Sr.. Brody and Sallah met up at the train station, but Brody was kidnapped by Nazi agents, who took the map. Days later, Sallah met up with Jones and his father in the town, and drove them out to the desert, where they spied Walter Donovan's convoy and attempted a rescue.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The real town of Iskenderun is a historical continuation of Alexandretta (Iskender is Arabic for Alexander the Great). The name of the city has been Iskenderun since the destruction of Principality of Antioch by Mamluks in 1268.

The scenes featuring the Iskenderun train station were filmed in the Renfe de Guadix train station of Guadix, Province of Granada, Spain. As part of an Indiana Jones celebration in the city to mark the 30th anniversary of the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade's filming in Spain, between June 8 and June 10, 2018, the Renfe de Guadix station was made-up to look as it had during production.[2]



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