Itaki was a large, katana-wielding sergeant in the Japanese Imperial Army under Masashi Kyojo. Directed to kill Indiana Jones during the army's quest to find the Covenant of Buddha in 1938. Itaki attacked Jones and a sherpa atop the Buddhas of Bamyan in Afghanistan. He killed the sherpa by knocking him off the statue, but severely injured his ankles when he landed on the side of the statue. Jones pulles a gun on the sergeant, put Itaki easily knocked it away. Itaki drew his sword and cut the rope keeping Jones up. Jones fell, but used his whip to snag onto part of the statue. Jones reached the ground, locating the dead body of the sherpa. Suddenly, Itaki tackled Jones, bringing him to the ground. Itaki prepared to finish off Jones with his katana, but is shot in the chest by a Japanese sniper, under the orders of Kyojo who believes that Jones could be useful in leading him to the covenant.

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