Ito was a young Japanese soldier working under Yamada Hajime in 1943. Ito was originally from Tokyo.

As part of the detachment of eight troops under Suzuki, Ito was part of Yamada's expedition to recover the Haitian formula for invincibility. After arriving on Zile Muri-yo, he was sent as a scout to spy on Indiana Jones and George McHale as they spent the night at Efreye Village. After witnessing the zombi attack on the town, Ito returned to the Japanese camp in hysterics and reported to Suzuki. Suzuki brought him before Yamada to recount his testimony. While telling the tale, Ito feared that his superior would slap him for fabricating such a fantastic story, but Yamada kept Suzuki from doing so. Relieved, Ito was dismissed.


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