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Jürgen Voller’s Mercedes is a Mercedes-Benz 600 (W100), used by Jürgen Voller in Tangier in 1969.

Voller’s Mercedes

Voller and his Nazi men, Hauke and Klaber left the Hotel L'Atlantique in the Mercedes after Voller had gained possession of one piece of the Antikythera, lost during the disruption of its black market sale. As they drove through the streets of Tangier, they were pursued by Helena Shaw, Indiana Jones, and Teddy Kumar, driving tuk-tuks. In the ensuing chase, Shaw used a bar to anchor herself onto the trunk of the Mercedes and tried to pull Voller out the rear window. Meanwhile, Jones had opened the rear passenger door, which Kumar then snapped off with Tuk-tuk 1132, so that Jones could try to grab Voller's satchel containing the mechanism. Finally escaping from their pursuers, the damaged Mercedes was abandoned in the street when Mason arrived with a helicopter full of American soldiers for a military extraction.

Behind the scenes[]

The actual Mercedes used in the film is slightly anachronistic. It is a W109, 300 SEL 4.5, an exclusive delivery to the North American market with a detuned engine to meet stringent emission targets in California, and first released in May 1971.