Jack Shannon was Indiana Jones's roommate at the University of Chicago.


Jack Shannon was born into a family with connections to the Irish Mafia. He met and became friends with Indiana Jones in 1921 while sharing a room with him at the University of Chicago.[1]

When Indy left to study at the Sorbonne in 1922, Shannon stayed in Chicago as an accountant before he too moved to France, where he devoted himself full time to a jazz band.[2] His band had been struggling, to which Jack theorized it was due to its sole focus on instrumentals, and that the band needed to use vocals with a singer. Jack's band eventually hired a singer named Louise, who had a big booming voice and helped the band to succeed.

Jack eventually left the band in 1925 to move to London, where he aided Indy and his student Deirdre in their search to prove the existence of Merlin.[3] However, the death of his father took Shannon back to Chicago and he played at a nightclub called The Nest.

Jones and Shannon joined forces again in 1927. Along with Katrina Zobolotsky and her father Vladimir, Shannon and Indy traveled to Mount Ararat where they discovered Noah's Ark.

On the trip, Jack and Katrina became romantically involved and his partner foresaw that they would eventually marry and have a son, Noah Indiana Shannon.[4] They did, and soon after moved to San Francisco together where they lived for at least two years.[5]

By 1930, Shannon was back at The Nest in Chicago but was running the nightclub himself.[6]

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Jack Shannon was an accomplished jazz cornet player with red hair who stood over six feet tall.



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