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"...don't call me Junior!"
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"I knew it! How come you pushy types never learn to fly your own birds?"
Cropduster pilot[src]

"James" was a biplane pilot who worked out of an Airfield near Marshall College.

Biography Edit

In 1937, he was reviewing his clipboard and preparing for a cropdusting flight for the local apple crop when Indiana Jones tried to hire rent a plane. Prodded by Jones' urgency, he flew Jones in his biplane after the fleeing Victoria Keith in her DeHavilland Puss Moth plane. Catching up to her, the pilot was amazed at Jones' desire to walk out on the wing of the plane to try to jump aboard Knight's craft. Jones got aboard Knight's plane, and the biplane pilot continued on.

Sometime later, the pilot was amazed to see Jones, flying solo in Knight's plane. Jones, unable to continue flying, ordered the pilot to bring the biplane under the commandeered plane. Jones then climbed out of the cockpit and dropped into the biplane's front seat, astounding the older pilot.

Behind the scenesEdit

Because the only time the pilot is given a name is when Jones says "Home, James" after the airborne escapade, it is not clear whether the pilot's actual name is James, or Jones is just using the common expression "Home, James" as a way to direct the driver (or in this case, pilot) to return home. The old expression was re-popularized in a 1934 song, "Home, James and don't spare the horses".


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