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The Janitor worked at Hangar 51 and helped Indiana Jones to escape during the Russians' assault of the base in 1957.


In 1936, the Janitor bolted shut a crate containing the Ark of the Covenant and stored it in Hangar 51 with his forklift. However, he had trouble backing out of the row.[1]

In 1957, the Janitor was in the bathroom when Irina Spalko and her team of Russians infiltrated the Hangar. He teamed up with Indiana Jones to fight Antonin Dovchenko and accompanied Indy to Doom Town, where the duo hid in a refrigerator and were blown to Connecticut by the force of the nuclear bomb that hit Doom Town. They crash landed on Charles Stanforth's new car. The Janitor accompanied Indy to Arnie's Diner where he got punched in the face by a college girl in the bar fight started by Indy and Mutt Williams.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Indy and the Janitor scared in Doom Town.

The Janitor, like the Cemetery Warrior and Ugha Kings, doesn't actually appear in the Indiana Jones movies. He was used to fill the player 2 slot in two levels of LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues where Indiana Jones is acting alone in the film. The character model was re-used from LEGO Batman: The Videogame.

In the portable versions of the game, the Janitor is shorter with a shaved beard and dressed in a blue jacket. He wields a shovel as a weapon and can go through the hatches as Short Round and the female characters of the game can. Unlike other versions, he throws the Ark of the Covenant to disable George McHale when he was about to shoot Indy and following the destruction of Doom Town, he says goodbye to Indy after exiting frozen from the King Cool refrigerator at the Bedford train station and thus he doesn't reappear in the subsequent Arnie's Diner scene.

It should be noted that during the events of the fourth film, which is set in 1957, the Janitor is depicted the same as he was during the closing events of Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1936. This is somewhat strange, as he doesn't appear to have aged. However, as the game, unlike its predecessor, doesn't state when the stages are actually set, and as Indy himself doesn't appear to have aged either, it is possible that the four stages of the game take place during a shorter period of time.


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