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The Japanese Imperial Army was the principal ground force of the Empire of Japan. Forming one of the military branches of the Imperial Japanese Armed Forces from 1868 to 1945, when it was dissolved following Japan's surrender in World War II. It was separate from the Japanese Imperial Navy of whom they had rivalry with and they also had their own air branch, the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service.

Indiana Jones came into conflict with their soldiers during the era of the Second Sino-Japanese War and wider World War II.


In 1934, Indiana Jones had an encounter with Japanese soldiers after he had discovered Emperor Qin Shi Huang's tomb in Mount Hua. The soldiers arrested him as they claimed he had wandered into Japanese-occupied Manchuria (Mount Hua is hundreds of miles southwest of Manchuria). He was then taken to an imperial Japanese prison that he had to escape. He eventually found himself on board the Kamikaze Maru, where he was recovering. Ten hours passed and two Imperial Japanese Army Air Service Kawasaki Ki-10 biplanes, led by Second lieutenant Musashi, attacked and sunk the ship, despite this the crew survived.[1]

In 1937, Indiana Jones encountered the Japanese Imperial Army and the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service in China, while searching for the Great Circle.[2]

In 1938, General Masashi Kyojo of the Japanese Imperial Army discovered the existence of the Covenant of Buddha and he and his men sought after it and use it for Japan's operations over Asia, however Indiana Jones prevented that.[3]

In 1943, the Nazis and the Japanese independently sought to recover the Heart of Darkness pearl in Haiti for their armies, which Indiana Jones and George McHale moved to prevent.[4]


"Looks like this place used to be inhabited...and not by cave men."
―Indiana Jones upon finding a Japanese base in Palawan.[src]
Indy discovers Japanese base

Indy discovers a former Japanese camp in Palawan Lagoon.

In 1947, Indiana Jones traveled to Palawan in the Philippines to find Taklit's piece of the Infernal Machine. While there he encountered the remnants of the Japanese military presence in the country. He took a machete from one of their dead soldiers and found many more scattered around the island and in Palawan Temple.[5]




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