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Jewel Williams was a mechanic based out of the Williams Brothers' Garage in Princeton, New Jersey, and friend of Indiana Jones.


Born the only child of Jack Williams, Jewel Williams grew up close to her father who taught Jewel everything he knew about cars at Williams Brothers' Garage, his service station. When she was ten, Jewel's mother passed away, and Jack died a few years later.

Jewel's uncle, Bert, kept the business running and by the time she was sixteen, she had become an able mechanic of which Jack would have been proud. As a woman, however, such a job was considered strange by many people, and she'd been teased for it, but Indiana Jones defended her from those who made jokes and she appreciated his friendship. She also believed Jones was the best-looking guy in Princeton.

In February 1916, Jones and his girlfriend Nancy Stratemeyer, visited the station to ask for Jewel's help in fixing a Bugatti automobile. Although she was willing to do anything for Jones, Jewel couldn't repair the car. A new generator was needed that could only come from France, a country in the middle of a world war.

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