The Jeweled Chachapoyan Idol was a second idol recovered by Doctor Indiana Jones at the Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors in Peru sometime after the original was recovered in 1936.

It was located behind, and high above, the Fertility Idol's chamber, in a hidden, rectangular chamber of its own. Like its relative, it too was on a pressure-sensitive pedestal, which collapsed the floor under the feet of any would-be thieves. Also like the other idol, a rolling boulder guarded it, which either crushed or trapped thieves, or drove them into a spiked pit.

Jones discovered the idol while exploring the greater temple network. Upon seeing it, he mused how Belloq would not be around to "get this one." Having no sandbag, Jones opted to just take the idol, and as soon as the pedestal sank, Jones somersaulted to the ledge of the room. Using his whip, Indy escaped yet another boulder. In the opening of the newly created exit, Jones declared; "I still can't speak Hovitos, but this time, I guess it won't matter."


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