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Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar is a drinking and dining establishment inspired by the Indiana Jones films located at Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney), Walt Disney World.

Opened September 22, 2015, the bar is themed as the former hangar and home of Jock Lindsey with aircraft memorabilia and correspondence with Indiana Jones which decorate the building.

Publisher's summary[]

How did Indiana Jones' barnstorming pilot Jock Lindsey end up in Disney Springs?

Fans of Raiders of the Lost Ark can't forget Indy's easygoing pilot Jock Lindsey—owner of a pet snake named Reggie—but how did Jock arrive here?

The two globetrotters stumbled on Disney Springs in 1938 while chasing down a mythology-based tip in central Florida. Attracted to the town's natural springs and lush terrain, Jock bought some waterfront property and eventually settled down, piloting seaplane tours across the fast-growing Sunshine State.

Jock eventually built an airplane hangar, air tower and runway, and invited fellow members of The Society of Explorers and Adventurers to pay him a visit. His home base soon became a popular stopover and watering hole for world travelers and locals alike.

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar was born!

Today, thrill-seeking families cross borders and continents to soak up the rugged charm of this artifact-strewn hangar bar, with its spare airplane parts, salvaged equipment and dusty mementos of glory days gone by.





Vehicles and vessels[]

  • CANSA C.5 (Mentioned only)
    • I-ACGO (Mentioned only)
  • Douglas DC-3 (Mentioned only)
    • G-CFO (Mentioned only)
    • OB1 (Mentioned only)
  • USS Nautilus (Mentioned only)
  • Kawanishi E7K2 (Mentioned only)
    • 513 (Indirect mention)
  • Reggie (First appearance)
  • Renard R.34 (Mentioned only)
    • OO-ARW (Mentioned only)
  • Romano R.82 (Mentioned only)
    • F-ANMP (Mentioned only)
  • UPF-2 (Model)


  • Adventurers Club (Pictured only)
  • Air Pirates Circus (Mentioned only)
  • Alligator (Pictured only)
  • Antidote (Mentioned only)
  • Armée de l'Air (Mentioned only)
  • Babylonia
  • B. Gagsy Entertainment Company (Mentioned only)
  • Bessie Coleman's Flying Cirucs (Mentioned only)
  • Bigelow's Air Circus (Mentioned only)
  • Bri's Bees Honey Supply (Mentioned only)
  • Carl F. Payson Post
  • The Chicago Tribune
  • Chicago Aviators & Aviatrices Flying Club (Mentioned only)
  • Date
  • Dinosaur (Tooth)
  • Elephant (Pictured only)
  • Flying Knights Air Circus (Mentioned only)
  • Happy Bottom Riding Club (Mentioned only)
  • Hovitos (Mentioned only)
  • Ice-storm of '36 (Mentioned only)
  • Inca (Mentioned only)
  • The Iron Fireman (Logo)
  • J. Rothman Cartography (Mentioned only)
  • Jeremy's Shipyard (Mentioned only)
  • Jock Lindsey's "Air Tours" (Mentioned only)
  • Kryta
  • Mid-West Races & Stunt Show (Mentioned only)
  • Morse Boulger Co.
  • National Air Races (Mentioned only)
  • New York Yankees (Mentioned only)
  • Nile River Outfitters, Inc. (Mentioned only)
  • Oakland Tribune
  • Piranha (Pictured only)
  • Randle, Harder & Valencia Electrical Repairing (Mentioned only)
  • Shoff Booksellers (Mentioned only)
  • Snake (Pictured only)
  • Society of Explorers and Adventurers (First mentioned)
  • Society of Explorers and Adventurers New Member Dinner
  • The Source Gazette
  • Springs Mineral Water (Mentioned only)
  • Springs Rail Line (Mentioned only)
  • Western Union (Mentioned only)
  • Yakoose (Mentioned only)
  • Yakoose Ice Co. (Mentioned only)

Behind the scenes[]

In addition to references to the first three theatrical Indiana Jones movies, Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar also alludes to The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and elements from the Expanded Adventures such as Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and Jock Lindsey's roles in Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods and The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones story "The Sea Butchers." The character's background as a Midwest US stunt pilot who later spent time in Venezuela was originally introduced in the Raiders of the Lost Ark Sourcebook.

The cocktail menu is presented as part of the in-universe pilot's log book. When first released, it misidentified Jock's seaplane OB-CPO as a Douglas DC-3, the aircraft of the similarly named OB1 airliner from Tomb of the Gods. In turn, the OB1 was named as the craft in which Jock and Indiana Jones sought out the Fountain of Youth. When the log was updated, OB-CPO was changed to that of the more credible UPF-2 and made that plane the one for the pursuit of the Fountain.

The attraction also contains nods to other Disney properties including Star Wars, The Rocketeer and Iron Man as well as references to famous aviators such as Bessie Coleman, Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh. References to the the Disney theme park's various Adventurer groups can be found in the attraction, with Jock Lindsey's inclusion into the Society for Explorers and Adventurers and correspondence with Samantha Sterling, a character from the Adventurers' Club, a spiritual predecessor to the Hangar Bar and S.E.A.

The dinosaur tooth which sits in its own display case at the bar contains a note from "S." thanking Jock for getting his group off "the island," an oblique hat tip to Jock Lindsey actor and aviator Fred Sorenson's real-life rescue of Indiana Jones director Steven Spielberg and the Jurassic Park film crew when they were stranded on-location in Hawaii during a hurricane which brought scheduled flights to a stand-still.

The bar's address at 1138 Seaten Avenue continues a Lucasfilm tradition of referencing George Lucas' first feature film THX 1138.

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