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"Joe College" was a Marshall College Letterman who in 1957 became involved in a fistfight at Arnie's Diner because of American archaeologist Indiana Jones and greaser Mutt Williams.


At some point, Joe College entered in Marshall College where he became one of the Lettermen and hung out with them frequently. He also had a girlfriend.[1]

In 1957, the student was hanging out at Arnie's Diner with his girlfriend and a second man when Indiana Jones directed greaser Mutt Williams to sucker punch the letterman in order to provoke a gang fight in the diner that would distract the two KGB agents spying on them. Mutt gave Joe his cap and then hit the astonished letterman into the face. Joe fell back against one of the KGB agents who threw him to the side across a table to get him out of the way.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Joe College was played uncredited by stuntman Colin Follenweider in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Follenweider also served as Shia LaBeouf's (Mutt Williams) stunt double.[2]

"Joe College" is an informal nickname for a typical US college student popularized in the 1930s. In the final shooting script, the character from the film is generally referred to as "letterman".



Joe about to be punched by Mutt Williams.


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