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John Milton was an English poet.



In his delusions, Harold Oxley quoted a verse by Milton as a clue to the landmarks along the route he discovered to Akator.[1]


Oxley finally laying his hands on the "Golden Key"

The verse cited by Oxley was:

"To lay their just hands on that Golden Key that ope's the Palace of Eternity."

This meant that the stone heads that kept sand inside a base of an obelisk at the top of the Temple of Akator would have to be removed in order to open the entrance to the temple.[1]

Harold Oxley had found the way from Nazca to Akator before, but had not been able to operate the "key" to the temple. He figured out the solution during his stay in the Nazca sanatorium.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The verse cited by Harold Oxley consists of two lines taken from a verse of Milton's masque "Comus" which was first presented in 1634. The complete verse reads:

Yet some there be that by due steps aspire
To lay their just hands on that golden key
That opes the palace of Eternity.
To such my errand is; and but for such,
I would not soil these pure ambrosial weeds
With the rank vapours of this sin-worn mould.



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