The Jones house was the residence of the Jones family, located in the city of Princeton, New Jersey. Indiana Jones lived there as a boy, together with his parents Anna and Henry Walton Jones, Sr.[1]

The Jones house, ca 1900.

After Anna's death in 1912, Henry and Indy moved to a residence in Utah. Two years later, when Indy was fifteen years old, the Joneses moved back to Princeton where Indy lived with his father until the spring of 1916, when he got involved in the Mexican Revolution, and later on in the First World War[2] Returning from Europe in 1919, Indiana briefly stayed at his childhood home but, following a fallout with his father, he moved to Chicago to attend university.[3]

Jones Sr. himself had moved out of the home by 1927 and was living in New York.[4]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade novelization clearly states that the house seen in the film is where Indy and his father moved when they left Utah which would make it a building in Princeton. However, the film itself shows the address on the letter to be in New York.

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