Jose was one of two boys who met an elderly Indiana Jones while on a class trip to a museum in the early 1990s.


While on a class trip to a museum in the early 1990s, Jose[2] and his friend slipped out of the crowd led by their teacher and ran off, but were tripped by a cane belonging to an elderly Indiana Jones. When he asked if they were supposed to be in class, they told him they thought the mueseum was boring, which offended Jones.[1]

He proceeded to tell both boys about his own adventures involving a Jackal headpiece between 1908 and 1916. At one point, Jones insisted on going home to feed his cat Henry, but relented when the boys (who were at first uninterested) begged him to stay and finish the story.[1]

When Jones had finished, the boys asked him what had become of the jackal. The archaeologist simply pointed to the glass case behind them with his cane and walked away. They turned and were amazed to see the jackal sitting in the case.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit


The museum kids meet Indiana Jones.

Jose, credited as "Second Kid", was played by Shane Fernando in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, his sole acting credit. His scenes were removed when Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal was edited into My First Adventure.

The character was named Jose in Dark Horse's comic adaptation where the two boys are depicted as being of distinctly different racial backgrounds. Jose, who has the darker skin tone of the two, is miscolored in some panels in both the Egypt, May 1908 and Mexico, March 1916 bookends.


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