Joseph Conrad (or Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski) was a Polish-born English novelist. As a young man, he became a mariner, and many of his journeys at sea became material for his later novels and short stories. In 1886, he became a British citizen, and continued as a seaman until 1894, when he started a literary career, which continued until his death in 1924. In 1889, he spent some time as a steamboat captain in the Congo, which was later used as the setting for Heart of Darkness. His other works include Lord Jim, and Nostromo and he is regarded as one of the greatest English novelists.

When beginning their search for a black pearl called the Heart of Darkness in 1943, George McHale and Indiana Jones mentioned its name to Marie Arnoux, who recognized the name as the title of Conrad's work, having read it in college. She showed off her familiarity of Conrad to them by citing his full Polish name, and later warned them that the Island of Death was as dangerous as Conrad's Congo.


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