"As a man of the world, I know you understand... compelling enthusiasms. Particular interests."
―Julio Huertas[src]

Dr. Julio Huertas was a professor and political activist.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Julio Huertas once worked at the University of San Marcos in Lima, Peru, until he was exiled for his role with the American People's Revolutionary Alliance, a group seeking revolution against Peru's pro-European government. He was a close family friend to Francisca Uribe Del Arco and her brother Felipe Uribe. He lived in Buenos Aires while his lawyers sought to unlock his assets, continuing to support the APRA by writing pamphlets, and was secretly a large fan of American movies and movie stars.

In 1937, Huertas received visitors from the United States: Francisca and Indiana Jones had arrived, looking for Felipe. Huertas hadn't seen Felipe in months, and after dinner, he told Jones that his academic connections could help shed some light on the discovery of El Dedo de Oro in return for Jones' knowledge about his secret passion -- American celebrity gossip. Days later, after Jones had gotten some information from Felipe's fiancee, Elise Farthington, Huertas and Jones went to the Museo de las Pacificas to see what Felipe had been searching for, and met with Huertas' colleague, Eduardo.

After Jones and Francisca returned to the museum to claim a map hidden in the diary of Vasco de la Posco, they left Huertas' household to travel to Peru - but at the docks they were ambushed by men in Incan garb - men sent inadvertantly by Huertas' doing. After the two survived the attack, but in which Jones swallowed the map, they returned to Huertas' home where he confessed his role in the attack: as he knew the value of the map could help support his cause, and so told a fellow sympathizer, Claude Reed-Whitby, who sent the ambushers to steal the map. Huertas was unaware that Reed-Whitby had his own agenda, against Huertas' group. Needing another way to Peru, Jones and Francisca departed again from Huertas.

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