This article is about the Sudanese site. You may be looking for King Solomon's Mines in Southern Rhodesia.
"Well now. The miners were happy to blow a hole in history. But their tunnel collapsed."
Indiana Jones[src]

König Salomons Grube (German: King Solomon's Mines) was a mining site established in 1923 inside a network of ancient Nubian catacombs in Meroë, Sudan, under the German corporation of Heinrich Hörner.


In 1947, American Dr. Indiana Jones, in searching for some hint of the connection of the Nubian kings to the Infernal Machine of Babylon — information he had learned from the Soviet Dr. Gennadi Volodnikov — explored the pyramids at Meroe and came upon the by-then closed-down mine. He even discovered the skeleton and pith helmet of Heinrich Hörner himself, lying next to one of the old mine openings, unburied; next to the corpse rested a telltale pocket watch inscribed with the Hörner's name. Afterwards, discovering the secret of the pyramids, Jones successfully unlocked the huge metal door to the main mine entrance and reactivated the mine carts' electrical system. Pursued by Volodnikov and a troop of Russian gunmen, Jones explored deep into the mines, completed its enormous puzzle requiring the discovery of a red, blue, and green gem and a special item called the Eye of Horus, and quietly entered Nub's Tomb which lay beneath the mines.


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