Kamal was a sheikh of Morocco living in Hidron in 1917 and the most loyal member of the council during World War I.

Biography[edit | edit source]

After Indiana Jones escaped from the camp of El Hadji in 1917, his stolen horse contained documents about supplying Berber rebels with French weapons. Jones met with Sheikh Kamal in Hidron when he was assigned to discover the traitor.

Kamal entertained his visitors and was intrigued by Edith Wharton, and remarked that she was quite intellectual - for a woman. Wharton responded that Kamal was quite courteous - for a man. Wharton enjoyed Kamal's lavish dinner and entertainment and was not shocked by the belly dancers. The next day, Wharton met with many of the town's dignitaries at Kamal's estate while Jones investigated the traitors in Hidron.

Jones led Kamal and Bonnet to a warehouse where the stolen weapons were gathered and demanded to inspect their boots to discover traces of sand. It was one of Kamal's men, and then Bonnet who last of all, reluctantly removed his boots, hit Indy and ran off. Kamal and his escort followed Indy, but they found Bonnet dead, having fallen from a balcony high above.

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