Karussell Musik & Video GmbH is a German recording company which produced ten radio play adaptations of episodes from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles on audiocassette in 1992 and 1993, using dialogue dubbed when the series aired in Germany (as Die Abenteuer des Jungen Indiana Jones) along with narration provided by voice actor Achim Schülke.

Other American television series adapted by Karussell in this manner include ALF, The Real Ghostbusters, Star Trek: The Next Generation, TaleSpin, and The Transformers.

Indiana Jones bibliography[edit | edit source]

  1. Der Fluch der Mumie Teil 1 (The Curse of the Mummy Part 1), adapting the "Egypt, May 1908" segment of Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal.
  2. Der Fluch der Mumie Teil 2 (The Curse of the Mummy Part 2), adapting the "Mexico, March 1916" segment of Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal.
  3. Kampf der Frauen (Struggle of Women), adapting "London, May 1916."
  4. Schüsse im Garten Eden (Shots in the Garden of Eden), adapting "British East Africa, September 1909."
  5. Felder des Todes (Fields of Death), adapting "Verdun, September 1916."
  6. Am Todesfluß (At the River of Death), adapting "German East Africa, December 1916."
  7. Der Urwalddoktor (The Jungle Doctor), adapting "Congo, January 1917."
  8. Im Auftrag seiner Majestät (On Behalf of His Majesty), adapting "Austria, March 1917."
  9. Die Schlacht an der Somme (The Battle of the Somme), adapting "Somme, Early August 1916."
  10. Der Eunuch von Barcelona (The Eunuch of Barcelona), adapting "Barcelona, May 1917."

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