Kaspar Maskelyne was a British magician, the husband of Faye Maskelyne and father of Mystery Maskelyne.


Born in Leeds, England in 1893, Kaspar Maskelyne grew up and married an American woman named Faye. The couple became parents to a daughter, Mystery, around 1917.

While in search of the Omega Book in 1930, Kaspar Maskelyne sought out information on the Staff of Aaron, a Biblical artifact which was said to be able locate anything and thus could find the Book. However, he was poisoned in India by a magician named Jadoo who he believed could help him find the Staff.


Jadoo decapitated Maskelyne's corpse and turned his skull into a drinking cup used in ritual magic. In 1934, unaware of his fate, Maskelyne's wife and daughter began searching for him in the Far East.