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Kathmandu (or Katmandu) is the capital and largest city of Nepal.

Adventures in Kathmandu[]

In 1936, Indiana Jones flew on Pan American Airways from San Francisco to Kathmandu via Honolulu, Wake Island, and Manila. Once in the city, Jones picked up information and a car from his friend Lin-Su and drove to Patan to search for Abner Ravenwood and the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra.

Jones kept his flight coupon in his journal, which listed his destination as Kathmandu and the airport code KTM.

Presumably, Jones returned to Kathmandu to fly out on Air East Asia with Marion Ravenwood on their way to Cairo.

In 1938, after discovering the Scrolls of Buddha in the Terai Lowlands, Sophia Hapgood and Jones journeyed to Kathmandu and met with the Majarajah of Kathmandu, who was very pleased with their discovery, and offered them the chance to lead an expedition to recover the Covenant of Buddha alongside the anthropologist Patar Kali. Setting out with a large group of guards and porters, the trio headed off toward Afghanistan.[1]



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