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"He that enters my tomb I shall burn with my fire."
―Inscription within Kha's tomb[src]

Kha was an Eighteenth Dynasty ancient Egyptian architect/engineer.


Recognized by his pharaoh for his services, Kha was rewarded with a precious Jackal headpiece which adorned a statue of his likeness.

Bust of Kha.

Upon his death, Kha's body was placed alongside his treasures within a tomb - inscribed with a curse - near the Valley of the Kings where his body lay undisturbed until it was discovered in 1908 by Howard Carter.

His body was removed by Demetrios and hidden within an alcove to spread fear of the curse throughout the camp, the distraction allowing him to steal Kha's treasures. Indiana Jones later discovered the body when he investigated the murder of Rasheed Sallam. While spying on one of the suspects, Jones backed into the alcove and Kha's body fell on top of him which pinned him to the floor.

Behind the scenes[]

In the Choose Your Own Adventure adaptation of Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal, The Valley of the Kings, Kha's role in the story fulfilled by a minor royal called Amenhotep.

In the young adult novel Indiana Jones: The Search For Buried Treasure, Kha's name is mispelled as "Ka" and he is identified as an ancient king rather than an engineer/architect.