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Doctor: "You have someone watching over you."
Indiana Jones: "Yeah. The good folks at King Cool."
―Doctor and Indiana Jones[src]

King Cool was a company that manufactured refrigerators.


In 1957, a lead-lined King Cool refrigerator was installed in one of the houses in Doom Town, a fake town built in the Nevada desert for the purposes of nuclear testing. Escaping from Soviet troops, Jones heard the alarms announcing the upcoming nuclear weapon test, and headed into a house for shelter. With the countdown approaching zero, Jones dumped out the contents of the fridge, and took cover inside the King Cool appliance.[1]

The refrigerator's lead lining protected Jones from the radiation, while the explosion launched the appliance out of Doom Town and into the desert, where Jones was discovered and picked up by the US military.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The "King Cool" brand was created by Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull property designer Doug Harlocker and his team for the refrigerator used by Indiana Jones to survive Doom Town.[2]



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