Kirinyaga is a district in the central part of Kenya, and is the site of Mount Kenya, the tallest mountain in the country (and second tallest mountain in Africa). Kirinyaga is also a name for the mountain. As one of the more fertile parts of Kenya, many white colonists settled in the area during British colonial rule, often displacing the native inhabitants, including the Maasai, who had a village in the area.

In 1909, Theodore Roosevelt's expedition to collect animal specimens for American museums traveled to Kirinyaga[1]. They set up a camp on a hilltop to use as a base of operations while they hunted animals in the surrounding grasslands and savanna.

In September 1909, Richard Medlicot brought his friend, Henry Jones, Sr., with his wife, son, and tutor to the camp for a few days. There, young Indiana met with President Roosevelt and made friends with a local Masai boy, Meto. Meto and Indy solved Roosevelt's mystery of where the Fringe-Eared Oryx had gone.

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  1. The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones identifies the camp location as being in Kirinyaga.
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