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"Not me, man. I don't take government jobs."

Klaber was a nefarious and crazy American Neo-Nazi who worked for the former Third Reich scientist turned NASA official Jürgen Voller in 1969.


In 1969, Klaber came into conflict with Indiana Jones during the New York City ticker-tape parade for Apollo 11, firing his gun into the air in the middle of an anti-war demonstration in his pursuit of the American archaeologist for the CIA-backed former Nazi Jürgen Voller and chased him into the New York City Subway, losing Jones when he escaped with a horse onto the tracks.[1]

Aboard a helicopter in Tangier, Agent Mason tried to rein in Voller and his excesses but it was too late: The man no longer needed US government support to achieve goals so he and his men hijacked the flight and killed the CIA passengers.[1]

Klaber's body

Klaber's burnt corpse.

Klaber himself died during the Siege of Syracuse when the Antikythera took him and his fellow Nazis back too far into the past. Roman forces shot at their plane which lost control and was sent plummeting into the ground.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Klaber showed little remorse for his actions, and did not hesitate to kill anyone that could stand in his way, such as bystanders and will take any action he sees necessary to serve Voller. During the Siege of Syracuse, taunted the various Romans he fired at with a machine gun. When Indiana Jones correctly guessed his captors were CIA, Klaber proudly expressed that he was not part of the group's ranks.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"I think, really, he's a very confused individual who doesn't know who he is. There's a sense of him wanting to at least belong to something, which lands him in this predicament."
Boyd Holbrook on Klaber[src]

Kabler was played by Boyd Holbrook in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.[2]

Holbrook was offered the part of Klaber by Mangold owing to their past collaboration in Mangold's 2017 X-Men film Logan, where Holbrook played Donald Pierce, a second-in-command villain similar to Klaber. The similarities between both roles caused Holbrook to be hesistant on playing Klaber due to not wishing to repeat anything, but ultimately agreed on the basis that Dial of Destiny would be Harrison Ford's "last hurrah" as the title character. He indeed felt surprised and a "little emotional" when Ford's character grabs his by the troath in the film.[3]

Holbrook describes his character as a "lapdog" to Mads Mikkelsen's Jürgen Voller, who is "a crazy one at that".[4] In regards to his opinions about his character's motivations, Holbrook told Total Film that he feels that Klaber is just a "very confused" outcast who doesn't know who he really is and thus joins the Neo-Nazis to feel the sense of belonging to something.[5]


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